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2002 Ducati Red Mono 998


- 15900 miles
- Carbon Termi 1/2 system w/ chip
- Misc carbon bits (heel guards, clutch cover, swing arm protector,
chain guard, etc etc)
- New chain + front sproket
- rear tire has 150 miles on it
- fender elminator
- all the stock parts/blinkers/etc/etc
- SS Swingarm stand
- Race battery

Other details:
- never crashed
- its been ridden so it has a few rock chips on the nose - nothing
of issue
- only Motul 300V used
- nothing mechanically wrong
- had 12000 mile tuneup ($$$$)
new chain + sproket
redone fork oil
valve adjustment
new belts

Reason for sale:
- want a smaller displacement bike

Additional stuff forsale once the bike goes:
cycle cat framesliders - never used
998 painted track skinz

Austin, Texas.

[email protected]


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and I KNOW he does good work since he rebuilt my 750 for me.....


oh well...I'll give ya a bump!

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Re: Texas: 2002 Ducati Red Mono 998 (KoolDuc)

kinda wanna sell the parts after I sell the bike.

Id probably want lkie 90ish for the sliders and 550 for the skins.

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Re: Texas: 2002 Ducati Red Mono 998 (ducati_atx)

What displacement bike are you looking for? I have a 2001 748R I might trade you. 600mi. on the clock. Only had 19mi. until this spring.

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Re: Texas: 2002 Ducati Red Mono 998 (themagicalswitch)

750 twin

600 I4

Havent fully decided which yet... most likely the twin.

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Re: (themagicalswitch)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by themagicalswitch »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">Ha, no I love the 748R, but who wouldn't want a bike with a testastratta

I wouldnt

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Re: (ducati_atx)

person who said they were going to buy it fell through after 3 weeks... so Im
being a chode and rebumping it.
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