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Terminator AMA Motorcyclist of the Year.

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Soup :: Dept. of No, Really: AMA Names Terminator Motorcyclist of the Year :: 12-09-2010

I'm of two minds on this issue. On the one hand I wonder, if this article is accurate in that the bill was poorly written, where was the AMA and what exactly is it about the bill that makes it poorly written. It seems, from my admittedly quick scan of the pertinent parts, focused on noise reduction and environmental issues. Was anyone really expecting anything but restrictions across the board that would impact a extremely small group of citizens - namely motorcyclist and an even smaller number of specialty shops?

Perhaps I'm wrong on this but I don't live under a rock and I'm not an AMA member so perhaps that is the cause but tbh I have not heard that this was a major issue for motorcyclists moving forward. It was simply a long time coming, the obscene noise levels of many bikes, notably cruisers, has seen all motorcycles banned in many residential areas and many areas of cities. This isn't just a California thing, motorcycles have been banned in the old city of Quebec City for nearly a decade if not more iirc. Also on the track and on the dirtbike trails, areas where I spend my riding time, the noise restrictions are strong. Again this isn't just a Cali thing.

The restrictions don't hurt manufacturers willing to submit to testing and willing to develop a product that meets the requirements. IMO, not a bad idea. BMW and Triumph, for example, make nice sounding exhausts available in their aftermarket catalogs. I'm curious if the Ducati's meet the regs. :cool:
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