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"I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle". ;)

Manufacturers (the Big Four particularly) have been lobbying like never before to get asinine legislature like this passed.
Take the new proposed brake legislation in the EU: "middleweight" bikes (presumably from 125 to 600cc) ought to be fitted with combined brakes while only "large displacement" bikes ought to be fitted with ABS.
While I get ABS is an extremely useful safety feature, why limit its compulsory use to larger bikes? Simple: because Honda could get rich through patents (they are the ones who unleashed the horrors of CBS on the larger public after Moto Guzzi junked the idea) while at the same time keep prices of middleweight 600's (their bread and butter) sensible.
Of course manufacturers of road bikes like KTM are in an uproar since CBS is a bad idea on road bikes but a complete no-go on dirt bikes.
Politicians in Brussels are in a tight spot. Originally they felt spending more time and effort on additional motorcycle legislation was a waste of time but Honda's relentless lobbying efforts are winning the day. To appease the Japanese (Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha all have large European factories, meaning they are considered "domestic" manufacturers), they are pissing off the various KTM, Husaberg, Ducati etc.
With tighter money somebody is starting to feel this may not be the most sensible idea. :rolleyes:
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