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Temperature Switch

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i m thinking to reduse the temperature of my rc by put a lower temperature switch, does anybody try that ?

any ideas?

195TSWeight: .1 lbs.
Temperature Switch 195 Degrees
195° Thermal Switch
The 195-TS turns a fan on at a temperature of 195° and off at 175° (3/8" NPT).

General Description: Stainless steel, hermetically sealed, SPST
Operating Switch Range: 2°C to 249°C (35°F to 480°F)
Max. Current & Voltage: 3 amp, 32VDC, grounded case only
Price: $29.65

Temperature Switch 195 Degrees
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I just spliced in a switch and you can turn it on manually any time you want.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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