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Temperature Switch

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i m thinking to reduse the temperature of my rc by put a lower temperature switch, does anybody try that ?

any ideas?

195TSWeight: .1 lbs.
Temperature Switch 195 Degrees
195° Thermal Switch
The 195-TS turns a fan on at a temperature of 195° and off at 175° (3/8" NPT).

General Description: Stainless steel, hermetically sealed, SPST
Operating Switch Range: 2°C to 249°C (35°F to 480°F)
Max. Current & Voltage: 3 amp, 32VDC, grounded case only
Price: $29.65

Temperature Switch 195 Degrees
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my idea is simple

i want to work my rc in 90-95 Celsius ( i think this is the 'good area' )

the one themperature switch will work from 85 to 90 C with reserved the polarity of the fan for hight speed and i m thinking to put it on the left radiator

the second one for low speeds and safety and maybe for build up machines :wacky :wacky :wacky
same here, but i only run one and it solved my issues. hasn't even got remotely close to what it did with the oem fans

the fan it self does not start above 103 C so the only thing that a good fan do is to drop the temperatute more quickly.

the idea is to have the moto work in 90-95 C not 98-103 plus when you are on track on summer
Again: fit Durbahn air scoops and a single SPAL fan and you're ready to go.
If you haven't got air scoops you may also try fitting a VFR or even a Firestorm fan (I have one for sale... ;)): they are both pusher type and high capacity.

PS: does anyone know why Honda fitted pusher fans to every single bike with side mounted radiators except this one? :confused:

air scoops dont work on low speed the goal is the motor work on low and hight speeds at 90-95
Are you absolutely sure? Because I have found them very useful even at road legal speeds. :confused:

yes i m absolutely sure because when a vesicle stops then no air go to radiator ;)
some web research and I found the solution :woot: my idea was not prototype

sp1 rider here is the solution Lower temp fan switch - Honda Motorcycles - FireBlades.org

for sp2 im working on it...
ok this is the update
this switch is from BMW car and it works on 95 open 90 close


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and this is the pipe

im going to cut the oem pipe and put it between them


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and some photos


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