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No affiliation with seller, but I saw this on Ferrarichat (you have to be a member to see ads). Super rare bike and pretty special. Not sure of the market price of these things...

FS Tamburini #282
Location: Tucson, AZ
Vin# ZCGAJFLJ84V100210
Miles 1781
Price: 33,000.00

Due to lack of use and a recent transition to dirt riding I’m selling # 282. The bike was purchased from a collector and I’ve only put 510 miles on it in 2+ years so I think it needs to reside with someone that will use it as intended.

I would describe the bikes condition as excellent. The bodywork is perfect aside from a small chip or two on the bottom pan (attempted to show in the picture gallery). It comes with the RG 3 exhaust and EPROM installed and the stock set-up is included in the original box. The only modifications are the addition of a bar end mirror and a batter tender pigtail.

Also included are all books, certificates, covers, (bike and grip) factory rear stand and maintenance records. The bike has been maintained by an authorized local dealer (Renaissance Motorcycles) and is up to date on all service needs. All it needs is a new rider.

For those not familiar with the brand or the uniqueness of the machine

More pictures here
azmg's Photos

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The F4 Tamburini is a special edition of the F4 1000 S and was released in 2005. The F4 Tamburini is equipped with a 184 horsepower (128 kW) engine. $52,000 for only sales Only 300 were produced. This bike is named after its designer Massimo Tamburini. The Tamburini was the first F4 to be equipped with the TSS ("Torque Shift System"'), which varies the length of the intake trumpets with speed in order to provide optimum torque at low and high engine speeds.
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