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Here is a copy of an E-Mail I recieved from Mario Nava.

Hi Steve.

Thank you very much for mailing me and for your compliments.

We are very proud of the parts we build. We sold many all around the world, from Canada to Australia!

Here are some info ("standard" reply), and the price list, about our VTR's parts.

PLEASE reply me so I know you got the message and the price list.

As I wrote you above besides Italy, we sold many outside Italy too.
USA, Canada, Norway, Germany, Greece, UK, Holland, Swiss, Australia.

If you want, I can give you name and email address of our customers.

Of course I obtained their permission to give their names away.

Let's talk about the bodywork, now.

Fairing is made by two pieces, and the upper one is not stock. It has been created
from scratch using the stock one as a model. The junction has been totally remodeled
to fit with the totally new, lower part.

This has been made to avoid the ugly effect we saw with commercially
available lower fairings. This means you cannot buy the lower alone. It would not fit to the stock upper one, sorry.
Fairing comes already drilled with screws, washers and modified spacers and fiber
brackets (plus a mounting diagram with text and photos). You don't need
anything more to mount it.
The fairing is not painted with stock Honda colour, but almost ready to be. Surface is really smooth, polished, and prepainted during the building procedure

We usually do in white but we can do in black too. The race version you can see on the web has been done this way. Nice result though, of course, not as shining as after a "real" painting. You can apply a transparent coat on it for better result.

Just some very light sandpaper job and.... voila'. You will be really surprise about how smooth the surface is.

A guy who bought one some time ago, told us it seems it has already been painted!
You can have it entirely made in fiberglass or with carbon (black look) or
carbon-kevlar (black-yellow look) inserts.
We also built a full carbon and carbon-kevlar fairings time ago, though usually people
prefer fiberglass with inserts. Cheaper.
Fairing has no holes for turn lights.
Almost all people want to replace stock ones with different ones. As I did.
So we left the fairing without holes so you can drill them exactly as you
Anyway, if you want, we can do holes to mount the stock turning lights for a small surcharge.
By the way the turn lights you saw on my VTR (black one) came from a
Mercedes (car) S serie.
Bulbs are 5W only so I had to replace the intermittency black box (located under
the seat) with a different one. Otherwise lights would blink too fast.

Rear tail is available in fiberglass or fiberglass with carbon-kevlar
inserts (to be left unpainted as the one you saw on our bikes).
The standard seat is made with black foam. If you wish you can have a more decent seat, as
the one you saw, much more comfortable.
Please note the rear panel with key (see it on my bike). Really usefull.
It gives you lot of space for rain suits or other stuff.
Rear tail fits using original screws and rear light. It takes 10 minutes to mount.

The two holes you can see on it are used to fix it to the frame. Bolts go to the stock places. Same bolts used to fix the stock double seat tail.

Expected delivery time.

It usually takes about a week for the payment, another week to build and, finally from 8 to 12 days for the shipment to USA.

I hope I gave you enough information. Please don't hesitate to mail me
again if you need more.
I attached a price list to this message. Take a look and let me know.

Please note prices are all in Euros. I prefer you pay us in Euro.

Not a big problem for you as you have to pay using Bank-to-Bank money trasfer.

Please note you'll have to add, to the total amount quoted in the price list, the fee your bank will charge you to do the money tranfer.

Please be sure you pay it (this means you'll have to pay a little more). Many times fairing shipments are delayed when customers do not pay attention to this detail. Sorry to be so forward, but this happens quite a bit with North American customers. I guess bank transfers are not so common.

All pics I currently have about our VTR's parts can be found here. Black, Red, Yellow and Black (race version).






Of course I can take more if you wish though I think on my website you can see everything about Maurizio's parts.

By the way. Maurizio just finished his new VTR1000R. Take a look, it's worth!

New fairing "nose" with different, very cool, light. unit. Front fork from SP2, renforced swingarm, R1 style rear tail, race pegs etc etc.


Maurizio did not set, yet, prices for these new parts. Bit more complex to build and front and tail light units needed, not so cheap.

Still a personal prototype. The lower fairing will be modified soon.

Hope to hear from you again.

Please, let me know if you receive the message and the attached price list. It's a plain ascii TXT file.

Have a nice day,

Mario Nava
[email protected]


About Payment.

Beside the Bank-To-Bank money wiring we can accept PayPal Payment, now.

So feel free to choose the form of payment you prefer.

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Re: Syper duper Go-Fast parts for VTR fresh from Italy (Steve365)

That last VTR is bad ass looking. Mind you the color isnt the best in my opinion but the work that was done to the exhaust and headlight...wow!

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Re: Syper duper Go-Fast parts for VTR fresh from Italy (Utah996)

Those are SWEET fairings!!!

I love the projection lights
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