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Well I finally got the new tires ( pilot powers 190/55 rear )on my bike and have been fooling with the suspension a little. One of my buddies has been ridding and racing bikes since he was a teen. All off road racing but he has been ridding the road since he was old enough. We put the rear spring on full soft and backed all the rebound and comp settings all the way off and back up one turn. It feels pretty good but still I only got 23 to 25 mm of sag. This bike has had a shim put under the top of the rear shock mount. 2 or 3 mm or so. I am 5'8" and 140 lbs and don't plan on tracking but I live in the Allegheny, and Blue Ridge Mtns. So all the ridding I do is in pretty twisty stuff. I am an intermediate rider at best and I am really enjoying the feel and power of the RC a lot!! :rockon Other than the shim the suspension was stock and untouched when I bought it and the bike had the original tires and only 3467 miles. You pros what do you think and what advise would you give me. I am thinking of changing the rear spring but would like to know how big of a job it is to do? THANKS Hoovy
I am a bit bigger than you, and can not get the stock suspension anywhere near been decent. Had a hard time with it at my trackday two weeks ago. I have only gotten advice to change out the rear spring, and link. So I just popped for a Penske, and Moriwaki link from the WERA forms. I should have it early next week, and hopefully it will make as much of a difference as everyone is telling me it will. I do trackdays, as well as agressive street too. My RC will see the track more than the street, so a shock out back, and springs up front are a must have! I am not a racer, just enjoy putting around the track. Of course, there is going to be some difference in track, vs. street setup.....

My post may not have helped much, but I think going with a replacement rear is going to be the only real solution to your delimma.

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