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Well I used my time wisely today dispite the snow, I think. I installed the Surflex Slipper Clutch I have been looking at for the past two weeks. Got a question though.
On the solid steel plates there is a little notch like a very little man took a bite out of it.
What are these and of what importance are they? Do they need to be lined up in a certain way? I really hope not.
There is a bunch of room under the clutch cover with the Surflex now, looks real nice I have got to admit. I put a vented clutch cover on so I can see it work.
An electric impact wrench is a must for removing the hub nut and I had to grind
the socket face down because the chamfered leadin was just about the same depth as the nut is thick.
I am working on getting my self out to Michigan and Section 8 for a bunch of work on both the Fila and the R1. On the way back out it will the two track days at Grattan for the Section 8 track days. I have been busting my ass getting the bikes ready and the truck. It is a long way from Montana to Michigan but I trust that it will be worth the ride out. I installed a 57 mm Termi on the Fila and it needs to be dialed in and I am thinking that the boys a Section 8 are the only ones who can do it. I also have a bunch of suspesion work on both bikes, springs, shocks and sprockets. Changing the stock Pilot race tires out to Pilot Powers on the Fila.
I am really looking forward to having both bikes suspensions dialed in as well.
I am a tired puppy, it is after 2 AM and I need to take a shower and go to bed.

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Re: Surflex installed (Sagerider)

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On the solid steel plates there is a little notch like a very little man took a bite out of it.


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Re: Surflex installed (section8superbike)

Glad to hear the notches are a non issue!!

I will see you the morning of the 18th Section 8!
I don't suppose you managed to find a rear fender, box section swing arm type, for me did you Jason?
The weather is looking like it will take a two day break starting today, Friday and Saturday. Sunday on it is calling for rain again. Great for grass and cows!
I will load the bikes Saturday, get a good nights sleep and Sunday morning it will be "GOOOOOOO".
I am so jassed!!!

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Re: Surflex installed (Sagerider)

Sagerider, you mentioned you had more space between the cover and the pressure plate. Did you reuse the OEM clutch inner sleeve? f not, you need to leave that in place with the surflex slipper or the clutch won't fully disengage. Also how did your fairings go back together with the 57mm system? A couple of us have had problems with the fairings contacting the fairings.

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Re: Surflex installed (Neil996S)

The only things I changed out were from the clutch basket out. I did not remove the inner sleave and the clutch disengages fine. I have not had a chance to ride the thing yet as the weather up here in Montana sucks. I was surprized though because I was expecting the clutch to "lurch" as another member had cautioned.
The engagement was smooth and disengagement was complete. I only operated it while on a stand and then to run it over to load it in the truck, going to Grattan!!!!
So far so good!! I am thinking that the reason it looks like there is more room under the clutch cover is that the springs on the Surflex as well as the preasure plate are different.
As for the Termi 57 mm exhaust, well, I will say it could have been done better.
Too bad it is such a bitch to post pictures on this site. I could send you a picture of mine, just click on the Sagerider and you can get my email address. Send me a note and I will return with pictures, OK? Like I said though I am leaving this morning to go to Grattan for the Section 8 Track Daze, that's a joke, Days, Daze,
get it? HA!
The main reason I decided to haul myself and the bikes out to Michigan was to go to Section 8 and have the Ducati with the Termi dialed in as well as getting the suspension set up correctly. I figured as long as I am going I might as well take both bikes and get them both set up correctly. Well, one thing lead to another and
both bikes will be having a total make over.It is going to cost a bundle but it will be worth it in the end.
I then figured that if I will be out there I might as well do the Section 8 Track Days
sort of a be all do all.
The Guys at Section 8 will be checking my Termi install to make sure I did not screw it up too badly. As far as interfearance with the fairing there was one place on the left rear at the "snail section" that the fairing did hit the fairing. I said did because I used a Dremmel tool to sand out that area so it would not make contact.
This area is underneath on the horrizontal bottom section and you will never see it.
There is a spot on the left side bottom just ahead of the shift lever that gets a little warm though because the front pipe runs past this area. There is about 3/8ths
of clearance from the pipe to the inside of the fairing in this area. The front pipe is tucked up well into the space under the engine so I am thinking that this is just the way it is. The Guys at Section 8 will fix it if it needs to be pushed up more.
If you are going to Grattan you will be able to see it first hand, if not you will have to wait until I get back, around the 26th to get some pictures.
For you all that are going to Grattan look for a big charcoal Ford pick up with the Fila and a blue 02 R1, that will be me. Hope to see you there!!! All I have left to do this morning is to load my clothes and stuff in the truck and I am outa here!!
I will be off line until I get back but just shoot me an email now and I will send pictures when I get back. I hope I can help out.
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