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Hey guys,

I'm getting rid of some stuff :(

Motorsports Hero Wide Video/Camera: $100 SOLD!!!
Pit Bull Stands: $200 SOLD!!!
S Spec Stands: $75
Generator 3500watts: $250
RC51 All Black Tail: $100
SP2 RC51 Tank: $250
Motorcycle Ramp: $80 SOLD!!!
SP2 RC51 DK Link: $250
Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers Pole position: $375 SOLD!!!
RC51 Exhaust Sato Hangers: $150 SOLD!!!
SP2 Race glass: $150SOLD!!!

Prices do not include shipping. If you are interested in any of these items or need pics, Please shoot me an email at [email protected]



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DK link???

Interested in the link please send me some pics. 1st

[email protected]

· 2005 RC51
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What condition is the tank in? Can you send me pics? Any leaks?

I'm interested
The tank works great but it does have a dent on both the right and left but it does Not leak!!! I've been using it as my track tank for over two years and it's never leaked! It was dented when I bought the bike 2.5 years ago.

Send me your email and I can send you pics!
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