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2005 RC51
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Hey guys,

I'm getting rid of some stuff :(

Motorsports Hero Wide Video/Camera: $100
Pit Bull Stands: $200
S Spec Stands: $75
Generator 3500watts: $250
SP2 RC51 Tail: $100
SP2 RC51 Tank: $250
Motorcycle Ramp: $80
SP2 RC51 DK Link: $250
Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers Pole position: $375
RC51 Exhaust Sato Hangers: $150
SP2 Race glass: $150

Prices do not include shipping. If you are interested in any of these items or need pics, Please shoot me an email at [email protected]



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where in san diego are you located? i might be intrested in the stands or camera.

and when you say s spec stans and pitbull stands you have a set of each and is that price for the set?

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