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STRAPLESS Transport Stand - USED $175 each - 3 are available at this price.

This is truly the most innovative trailer product on the market. It makes loading and unloading a breeze. You will never have to check the trailer again to see if the straps are tight or if the loose ends are flapping in the breeze.

The only reason why we are selling these stands is because we haul different bikes all the time--so we installed Condor stands. They are in perfect condition.

NO tie-downs, NO wheel chocks
NO stress on suspension parts
100% rigid mounting
Easy loading and unloading
Stand is removable in seconds The Strapless Transport Stand works by way of a stainless steel rod inserted into the hollow rear axle of most modern sport-bikes. The steel rod is then captured in the Strapless Transport Stand using slide locks, allowing the bike to ride on its own suspension. The Strapless Transport Stand is removable in seconds, using two mounting plates that bolt to the floor, just slide the stand into place and engage the locking mechanism.
The Strapless Transport Stand works great in a variety of applications (enclosed trailers, open trailers, shipping crates, long bed pick-up trucks). Simply load the bike facing forward or backward, whichever eases your loading and unloading. A bike can be loaded and completely secured in less than one minute and unloaded even faster.
When secured in the Strapless Transport Stand a bike cannot move side to side, front to back, or lean at all. This allows you to place a bike closer to trailer walls, rails, or other bikes without worrying about contact damage. With no tie-downs to break or come loose and no wheel chocks to pop out, the bike will be upright and undamaged no matter how long or rough the ride.
While the new breed of front wheel clamping chocks are convenient, they still require the use of tie-downs while in transit. Mainly to prevent the twisting of the front end in the triple clamps and more tie-downs to keep the rear of the bike from dancing side to side. Strapless Transport Stands do not require these tie-downs. The stands come with a Fit kit to fit many popular sportbikes (See our application guide).
These stands can be shipped via ground only. One fit kit is included. Additional fit kits are available if you intend to haul more than one bike.
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