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Ok guys, looks like the x-champ is selling several pairs of
leathers, and boots from past championship seasons on
E Bay. If I can believe half of what I read the guy has had a rough
time lately. However, he has always been a gentleman at the
track, taking time to sign autographs, answer questions, and take
pictures. He has done a very good job at putting a positive face
on the sport of motorcycle racing to the general public, much the same way Roger De Coster has. It is said that the brightest stars burn for the
shortest time, he seems to be living proof of that. It's too bad that the
AMA and the FIM don't have pension plans like the NFL and other pro.
sporting organizations...but that is a blog for another time. So lets step up
and give this guy a little business just as a fellow rider.. if nothing else.
Don't you need another pair of old boots or authentic Daytona leathers
in your closet ? Added 9/21/10..6pm. pdt. Like always, there is more
to this story than I initially realised..I've been away from motorcycles
for a while; and my how things change ! I'll let this stand and welcome your comments .

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Link please. My search yielded nothing but new merchandise from other vendors.

Edit: found them. They're outside of ebay motors. Can't afford the leathers but I picked up a poster from his old shop.

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only if he uses the money to pay back the students who paid for race school they never took, and the instructors who's paychecks bounced. :rolleyes:
No, no! This is for Freedie to put money back in HIS pockets. Forget all the people who got fukd. That wasn't HIS fault. This is about Freddie!:rolleyes: What a joke if this money doesn't pay back the folks who got fukd. Very good point you make!:clapper
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