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SPS/SP value ?

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A friend of mine is just starting the search for an SPS (maybe an SP). What price range are these running now? For which years? Which years came with what?

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Re: SPS/SP value ? (infoage1)

Ducati Seattle has one listed on their website for sale...The 2000 996 SPS came with the Ohlin's all the way around, the grey frame, 50mm full exhaust, P8 computer, engine goodies, carbon bits and pieces and 5 spokers.
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Re: SPS/SP value ? (Tornado-rider)

And the '97-'98 models had sand cast cases....(much hyped these days)
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should be able to buy a clean used SPS for 13-16K. 2000-01 units have Ohlins forks and I've read for some reason the 2001 units can have a bit more hp, don't know why? cool machine with 122 rwhp to start with as opposed to the std 998 bikes.
Re: (duc572)

Do any of them have CF body parts as stock? What about CF air or breather boxes?
Re: (infoage1)


There's a 2000 SPS for sale here: http://www.clubdesmo.com/discu...56327
Re: (TK)

Yes we do still have the 2001 996SPS and I must say it is one of the more mysterious year/models as far as accurate information goes. P8, dual pick ups, lighter crank ?, what else ?? minimal info out there for sure.. I would love to learn more if this string continues. I will tell you that it "spins up" faster than just about any 9XX I have ever twisted the throttle on ! Faster than a 74X as well ..

Ours is definately a 2001 and has a VIN that verifies it was brought to the US a an "off road model" or competition... I'm at home right now but I can look up that VIN sequence again..
Ours has a clear WA State title but it was not brought into the US as a CA legal model even though it is a 2001. It has around 2600 miles so titling it in CA could be tough. It was purchased new by an former manager of Tonkin Motocorsa in Portland and traded in to us last Nov on an 2005 999R. It has all the street equipment on it, color matched mirrors, 54mm Forza Full Exhaust, Red front fender and a Ducati logo on the top of the tank and DUCATI on the side fairings, all cleared over. This bike is in very nice shape and I have not allowed it to be used a "demo"
used bike..worst treatment, it will need a new battery because it has gone low once or twice waiting for a new home.. We will give a proper make ready for sale with a new battery if this one has any signs of low life. We have it priced at less than we gave him on trade. $15500 <U>is the price</U>, it is time for someone to show it some love..

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Re: (Dave R)

SPS III ? a few where made for homologation of new headcastings i believe.. or did i get that wrong?
Re: (TK)

Terry, he was considering the bike you linked, but of 6,000 miles, 5,500 of them are on the track. A rough (if happy) life?

Dave, I sent him a link to your bike a couple days ago--I'm looking at pics Bill sent him now (nice).

What about the Ti rods in your SPS? I've heard/read that they are not really a good idea on a "street" bike as their service life is limited (maybe a problem with the above 5,500 track-day-mile SPS?).

Is it possible to just swap in a higher milage set of instruments to appease the CA DMV? Anyone think this would work?

Anyone know about the "what or if" on the CF body parts or boxes?
CF parts on my 1999SPS

air conveyor(oil cooler V)
front fender
lic plate/rear fender
under seat shield tray thing

extra/differences SPS vs. Strada

1997-99 dual injector vs. single
1997-98 996cc vs. 916cc
1999 only 5-spoke vs. 3 spoke boat anchors
lightweight crank (748R had similar lw crank)
lightweight clutch basket (steel unit)
ti-rods (very delicate should get Carillos)
extra 'red head' oil inj psway for vert cyl (also found on Stradas occasionally)
SPS cams vs. strada (not really radical)
full Termi 50mm system
P-8 big brain cpu
SPS frame made of diff material ( 2-3 lbs lighter)
ohlins damper std.
2000-01 SPS Ohlins fork vs. Showa
also noted differences in the drive/timing gears and cooling system details on hose routing, manifolds, ect.

the SPS is a great starting point for a street/track bike or project like I did. I would first junk the ti Pankle rods and install Carillos. they are notoriously stalling, sputtering and bad idling bikes and need to be properly tuned (World Class Tuning) to optimize the 123 rwhp you get.

hope this helped.
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Re: SPS/SP value ? (infoage1)

There was one in my shop for a while. 99 996sps. Lovely bike. Idled just fine once warmed up. Fast idle until then. I didn't ride it much at all (just around the lot ... last thing I need to do is fall in love with another fncking 4 valver).

Air tubes, air box, v piece were all carbon. This one additionally had the headlight bucket, chain guard/fender, heat shield in c/f. Termi system was suppsoed to be standard, too. Plus PO had anything plain aluminum black anodized. Looked great. So did the competition use only sticker.
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properly set up with an ultimap chip the 996sps was the nicest / most streetable motor in the range i thought. certainly nicer than the biposto until we started running single injectors.

the 97 and 98 bikes also had the old cast rotors on the front.

we got them as non complianced bikes up to '98, with private compliance done by thoroughbred in perth that cost you $2,000 or so i think. from '99 on they were compliance plated like the rest of the range. they're very hard to sell out here, with the going price probably mid 20 by now or even lower - the single seat thing seems to work against bikes when s/h, but not when new. they were mid to high 30 new from memory. one of our mv owners who wanted to sell his ended up trading it on a brutali at the other dealership in town.

i've seen the sps2 and sps3 on the softway, but we never got any that were differentiated like that. maybe one of them is the english foggy. we got a '01 model called the pista with some green and white stickers on it, but i don't know if it was called anything else catalogue wise.
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that's right forgot about that chain guard is CF....the CF airtubes weren't factory equip. on the 748-996 SPS- 996R-998R bikes but owner add ons. The 1998 Foggy rep that didn't make it to the U.S., this model (UK only 200 units) was used to homoglate the revised airbox (larger) and frame needed to give the factory bikes more mid-range. It came with a few other carbon goodies and a Tecnosel seat and factory cleared Foggy graphics and front #plate. Also the SPS's has the oil psi relief valve built into the pump cover as opposed to the Strada that does not.

compliance....is that like a hostage fee? what is a softway? and is it called a hardway in the morning???
Re: (duc572)

What does the oil psi releif valve do?

softway is the ducati electronic parts catalogue.

most (all?) engines with the drilled oil feed screw had the oil pressure relief in the pump cover. this started with the 888sp5 i think - i'll know when my sp5 cases arrive. 916sp certainly had them. all the 996 strada i've had apart had them too, but the manuals say different.
Re: (brad black)

Thanks, but what does it do, and why do you think they put it in there on those particular bikes?
Re: SPS/SP value ? (infoage1)

If your buddy is still looking for an SPS model, I will be selling my SPS.. I just brought it in from Japan. It is a 2000 996SPS clean title and not registered yet. I will be registering it this week. The moving company put a scratch on my carbon tail section and a little dent on my tank.

Thanks to section8superbike for giving me a quote so I can get it repaired. I will have that tiny dent, that you can hardly tell (but I am picky) and my carbon tail section redone. the scratch is only through the paint on the the tail but I will have them repaint my number plates. and reclear my whole bodywork so that it will be an even finish.

My bike was mainly a showbike after I finished the bodywork a bit ago, and would only ride it on nice days out. It mainly sat in my house, but now I have a garage here in New Mexico.

I do have alot of parts installed on it and I did put alot of time into this bike. here are a few pics of the damage that was done. It was just 2 really minor cosmetic things, but I will have section8 fix it before I sell it.

You would never see this dent if I did not tell you, but this bike is my baby and I notice any little flaw on it..

This is the scratch on my carbon tail, they did

and here are just overall pics of it

here are it is with under 8000 kilometers on it. This was just serviced by ducati tokyo west before I left Japan

and I do have the red tail section in mint condition. I bought a carbon tail and copied the red tail section that we painted.

Here is a link to show detailed pics of the bike. This bike is really clean, and well maintained. On the bottom of the left side shows some nice pics of it with all the carbon parts I put on, everthing is clearcoated over all the decals, and the carbon has at least 4 layers of clear to hide the pitting.


and here is another link of me of prepping and painting the bodywork.


If your buddy needs more pics or a list of everything done to it, he can email me at

[email protected]

or give me a call


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Re: (Tornado-rider)

the oil pressure relief valve controls the max oil pressure. it used to be between the cases after the filter in the circuit, now it's at the pump. maybe to stabilise pressure thru the motor, dunno really.
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