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Had crappy weather, but didn't let it keep me out of the saddle today.
SVMango and I fired up the thumpers today, and made our way thru some VERY wet conditions in western NC.
If we rode for five hours it rained on us in one form or another from 4.5 of them, just dumb luck. Routes included I-40, NC 9, Old Fort Road, Bat Cave Road, NC 70, NC 80, NC 19, etc.
SVmango introduced me to a unique retired fellow that has his own little slice of paradise tucked away in the mountains. He insisted that he feed us lunch, and shared the DVD's that he makes while he does an annual trip of 48 states on a V-Strom. I was very impressed with him- and his broken collar bone which ended his trip after only five states this year. I look forward to riding with him someday.

Then on the way back to Asheville we stop at the B.R.P. and contemplated riding around some road closure signs when we were approached by a BMW rider that not only rides like he has more life insurance than was ever drafted, but he also runs a nifty little program for Land Rover.
He was from Cali, riding a bike with New Mexico plates, and claimed he just arrived from New York via VA. this morning!
We decided to all go the same direction since he was headed for Asheville, and he followed us from the B.R.P. down NC80. I led the newly formed group at a moderate pace. Nothing too quick as I didn't expect the "new guy" to have a need to fly down a road he didn't know. Man was I wrong, halfway down he just rips past both of us and hammers down.
I stayed with him initially thinking since he is from out of state and is going down NC80 like it is his driveway this should make one hell of a spectacle when he crashes.

Well - he never did, and trust me when I say he got in there really hot on some turns. ahhh he was impressed when a pair of "tards" stayed in his mirrors as he complained of decreasing radius turns, but he threw that bike around like there was no chance of the rubber side leaving his control. He was so impressed with our abilities that he invited us to meet him at the Biltmore Estate for some 4 wheel driving that he specializes in.
We didn't do a ton miles today, but the relatively short ride was rewarding and that has been missing lately. I am half inspired to put the Tard in the back of the garage and buy a bike with some VERY long legs on it.

Plus with enough bleach based cleaning compounds I have gotten all the black leather dye off of my legs and hands


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Re: Sprayed (AtomTan)

Was a damn good day it were. Ridin with Ducy's like strokin an old friend.

uh wait, mmmmm no. Sorry. That was somethin else.

The XR-R's gonna need a bigger tank among other

things but did suprisingly well given the current tires (Deathwings). I think Ducy

previously thought I was exagerating or just fool-o-poop when I told him what a

R1100GS was capable of. Dude was scootin. I was suprised he wasn't draggin pegs.

In the wet no less. Also found out the XR-R is capable of 90 or 95 on stock gearing.

Oughta be a hoot when it's done up.
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