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Rear Quick Change For Sport Classic

Tired of parts falling everywhere and then trying to get them back in place when changing the rear wheel on your sport classic?
I am now offering several stages of quick change kits to make the rear wheel a breeze to change.
Will work on all Sport Classics.

Stage 1 is the basic set up which is bolting the three parts on each side of the swinger together so that they stay in place all time, Pics attached.
With this kit you do not have full chain adjustment range unless you slot the swinger, however there is enough range for the stock 15/38 sprocket combo (pics attached of adjustment range before slotting), slotting it for more adjustment is not a big deal and can be done with a die grinder, pic of a slotted swinger attached.
$147.00 exchange.

Stage 2 is attaching the rear brake caliper bracket to the inside spacer so that the caliper stays in place for even quicker change.
$65.00 exchange.

Stage 3 is modifying the rear axle, I machine and weld on a large nut to
the left end and on the right side I machine a nut and then bolt it to the right plate. Pics attached of the race bike (it has 2 full endurance seasons on it so looks a little rough)
$199.00 using your axle or an exchange axle.

Total cost for the full monte $415.00

Stage 3 really isn't necessary unless you are racing and need to change very quick, such as for endurance racing or that sudden rain shower just before your sprint race.

Frank Shockley
Fast Frank Racing
3 Time AMA Moto-GT GT2 Champion
[email protected]


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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