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from: Legal Battle Over Lightweight Batteries Settled News Article // RoadracingWorld.com

Legal Battle Over Lightweight Batteries Settled

Oct 30, 2010, ©Copyright 2010, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.
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From a press release issued by Full Spectrum Power
NAVITUS GROUP, LLC, JOSHUA KAUFFMAN, JASON LEVITT and FULL SPECTRUM POWER announce today that their lawsuit has ended.

Josh Kauffman and Jason Levitt confirm that the SPEEDCELL name, marks, and logos are the exclusive property of NAVITUS, and neither Jason Levitt, Full Spectrum Power, nor any of their affiliates, dealers, and distributors may use the “SPEEDCELL” name, mark, and logos in any manner.

Josh Kauffman and Jason Levitt make no representations about the reliability of each other’s current products.

Josh Kauffman
[email protected]
[email protected]

Jason Levitt
[email protected]
Full Spectrum Power

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This is good news for my friend Josh...

Mr.RC45 lost 6 pounds 10 ounces with a SpeedCell battery... not to mention
its the best maintenance free battery I've ever used...

SpeedCells are made using A123 cells. The constructions process is
proprietary & these packs do not require balancing. The packs are
built for motorcycle applications with cylindrical cells due to there
robust construction & discharge properties. Each PACK is made to a DoD
standard, capable of withstanding 100G load, operating temperatures of
-50*C to 49*C (-58*F to 120*F). It is important to understand that
these packs are NOT RC hobby type packs & their internal construction
as well as cell grade reflects this. Each cell is individually tested
before it makes it to the construction phase. These packs are not
Lithium ION construction. Speedcell uses Lithium Ferrous cells that
are not volatile or unstable. They will not rupture when puncture nor
produce an energy chain.

SUPERBIKE SpeedCell Specs:

- Pulse discharge @ 10 seconds = 240 Amps
- Continuous discharge (MAX) = 140 Amps
- Cycle Life (DoD spec) = 1,000 cycles

- Dimensions = 10.5cm (L) x 5cm (W) / 4.13" (L) x 1.96" (W)
- Weight = 766.57g / 1.69lbs
- Rating = 4.6Ah
- Applications = Two cylinder engines 600 cc to 1000cc or 4 cylinder 750-1200cc with stock stators as
well as Triumph 675 and some singles.

SpeedCell Supplier...

Speed Cell size and weight comparison...

Speed Cell RC45 installation

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Great I love the Speedcell battery. Have one in both of my bikes.
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