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Spark Plug Question

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Gonna throw a new set in the '51, anyone tried anything new?
Thanks bitches, now gimme a samich! :woot:

Semper Fi! :rockon

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Despite the high dollar marketing claims and space age graphic art... don't loose
sight that a spark plugs job is simple... to seal the combustion chamber and
provide a gap to which a spark may jump... I'd go with Honda recommends
namely the correct heat range of a Iridium tip plug...

Iridium is the rare among Earth's crust which is another way to say
it's expensive... it is employed in spark plugs because it resist tip
wear and it can handle the highest temperatures of combustion... the
manufacture does not list a performance gain other than a new plug
will always fire more efficiently than an old plug...
You cannot go wrong with either NGK or Denso, though Denso Iridium seem to last a tiny bit longer.
Try something different. Convert it to diesel.


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I've been using NGK IFR9H11's, but I just wanted to know if anyone had something better.

Semper Fi! :rockon

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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