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I've had this knocking around for quite a while and am tired of looking at it. Owner I got it from said it didn't leak. It was on a track bike. I've never used it, just been looking @ it's ugly mug for a while. Inside looks good, it's just not real pretty.

From what I can tell, it was smashed on the side and filled with, well, filler. It doesn't appear the metal was compromised. But as mentioned, I've never used it.

This might be a great winter project candidate. Finish the metal work (or filler) and seal it inside and it's probably a good, cheap tank.

Make offer + shipping. You really might be surprised.

FYI, shipping a tank from me to Detroit area recently cost $65 through FedEx, insured. So it's probably going to go up from there to da west side. The boxes required for shipping are very large and consequently, gets bumped to dimensional weight. As with any box, if you/your company have an account with FedEx/UPS/Other, I can send the dimensions and weight and you can send a PPD call tag.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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