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no I will not take 25 for the headlight inserts!

As far as the solo cap goes, I already have one offer for it (waiting for response) but I would prefer to sell the whole tail section not just the cap.
well to be honest, $125 is an insanely good deal for the 05/06 style tail, with out the solo cowl and even w/ the slight damage... from what i remember the tails usually sell for 150-180 bare. and the black ones are pretty rare so those go for a little more. you've got really good prices on everything and things should sell quick

if you change your mind about the solo cowl, shoot me a PM, i'm in desperate need of one as i got the black bodywork and lost mine on the fwy a while back and have been riding w/ the passenger seat
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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