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SP2 injectors in SP1

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I did a search and found this:

[Here's a quote from a post on a different RC site...

"I put the HRC (12 port) in mine and their was no difference in effect, until I added the HRC fuel regulator which kicked up the fuel pressure, which required a different map, which fixed the problem."

The 12 port's he's referencing are the newer 12-port injectors.]

So, are they a direct replacement? I read somewhere that they are not, but can't find anything definitive.

I read on a VFR site that VFRs can use later model injectors (they are 12 port), even that later model injectors are the same as Honda car injectors and can be had at auto parts stores.

I have 61k miles on my 2000, which I bought new and I'm not having any problems, but supposedly the new injectors are an improvement.
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Simply because I have the set the thread starter mentioned for sale I will have to disagree.

Why would Honda increase the diameter of the TB's as well as upgrade the injectors 3 times that of the SP1? Simply because it's fun to change things up a bit? I say NO

There are MANY threads (not started by me) based on this debate and I for one say this.

Honda recognized a cheap opportunity to improve the performance of a successful motorcycle and brought it immediately (all be it 2 years after launch) to the public changing very little else to the later model.

as it stands now there are FAR more SP2 models (and all the AEM parts) than that of the SP1, therefore a proper fuel/air ratio (by have the proper set up) may be needed or at least get a owner closer to that of the AEM manufacturer intended performance gain.

No attack intended, just wanted to state my point on all the upgrades I did to me SP1
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