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Hey All stripping down my SP1 to stock. List as follows:

-ECU 60.00
-Stock Rear Link 40.00
-New In Package Velocity Stacks and Gaskets For Airbox 25.00
-Tank Bra 20.00
-Passenger seat 80.00
-Helibars 175.00 SOLD!
-Power Commander IIIR 150.00 SOLD!
-Power Commander II 40.00 SOLD!
-Mirror Extenders/Blockoffs CNC Milled Delrin 3/4'' 20.00 SOLD!
-Front & Rear Brake Lines (good shape) 30.00
-Rear Brake Resivior With Hose & Master Piston 10.00
-Carbon Fiber Hugger-Chain Guard fits 190/55 Tire Also Protects Shock (NWS imported from Europe) 200.00
-Scott Steering Damper mount 100.00 with damper 375.00 SOLD!
-Speedo Healer (corrects gearing ) 85.00 SOLD!
-Zero Gravity Clear Double Bubble windshield 60.00
-Spare Rear Shock (low K`s) 50.00
-New OEM Air Filters (never opened) 50.00
-Undertail (nice limited build, Very BRIGHT poor pic.) with relay, license plate mount & led light 150.00 SOLD!!

All items plus shipping from Canada larger items are best for pick-up in the Toronto area. Don't have quotes form post office but you will only be charged what I pay.

E-mail me for more pics./info
[email protected]

Cheers... more to come if bike sells!


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Goodies :)

Ill take the rad fins

Also interested in the Tank
PM sent.

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clarification for anyone else wondering what a farkle is

Farkles? Closest thing I can find is:

farkleberry |ˈfärkəlˌberē|
a shrub or small tree with thick leathery leaves and inedible black berries, native to the southeastern U.S. • Vaccinium arboreum, family Ericaceae.
ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: probably an alteration of whortleberry.

But then I found this on urbandictionary.com: FARKLE

The term Farkle apparently originated among the ST1100 riders. It is an acronym:

K.ool &

From the 2 Wheel Innovations web site:

Farkle: N: An Accessory intended to improve or embellish the original system; opulent luxury item; V: to add pleasure or comfort; to strut about after adding additional items to stock unit thus improving value or performance, usually saying "whoo-hoo" loudly to yourself or your neighbors.

Farkles: As defined by the ST1100 owners' club, a farkle is:

1. (Noun) any modification to one's motorcycle.
2. (Verb) the act of modifying one's motorcycle in some way.

Farkles may have functional or merely aesthetic value, or in fact no value whatsoever! To farkle is to expand one's connection to the motorcycle, to enhance its uniqueness, and provide a venue for personalization.
Farkles are accessories intended to improve some aspect of the vehicle in question.

For example:

- Visibility (accessory lighting, reflective materials, headlight modulators)
- Functionality (suspension improvements, cruise control, turn signal cancellation)
- Visual appeal (chrome, paint, stickers, badges)

Also see FARKLED:
The act of adding equipment to a motorcycle, sometimes unnecessarily. Especially popular amongst the BMW GS crowd.
Bill: "Wow, Bob has sure farkled the shit out of his GS!"

Dave: "Yeah, he has everything in the Touratech catalog on that ****er. I hate him."

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Rad Fins Sold
Front Fender Sold
LH Rad Sold

Sorry Guys:

Postal Strike is holding up these items to be shipped, packed and ready to go.
I check every day... hopefully soon.

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