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Weigh in here guys but the recent "airplane contrails" stories simply have me pissed off.

So there's the pictures and witness reports about the strange contrails over the ocean in socal. Oh it's an airplane sez the media and we buy it.

Now wait,,, this thing is half a mile wide, going near vertical with a flame at the top. Yup, looks like any contrail from a 737 that we all see daily. 737's always take off near vertical with smoke and afterburners right? Exkeuzze me but I've seen a missile launch from Vandenburg from a few miles away and it looks the same as the 'airliner contrail' pics on the TV and web. Gee, I must be wrong.

Then there is the same thing over the ocean near Queens. Yup, another 'airliner contrail'.

Like WTF. Who's sending us a message here with missiles on our shores.
Hit it guys!

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I heard some frankly crazy stories about the SoCal one being a "warning shot" by the Chinese navy using some advanced weaponry we didn't know they possessed.

To me that is tinfoil hat territory because a) if you had such advanced weaponry you likely wouldn't show your hand and b) doing this would provoke a reaction from the US military immediately.

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any of you remeber TWA? could be just about anything but occams razor is a rather logical start.... then weigh the evidence as it presents and is gathered....

imo if all the "authorities" are stating that they "saw nothing" on their radar and such it can be a safe bet that they were behind it and do not see it necessary for you to be filled in regarding the details, consider it above your "pay grade" ...errr..... tax bracket .... lol

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Oprah testing her new chocolate fudge defense system.......:woot:

I gave up a loooong time ago worrying about figuring out what "they" don't want us to know.

Semper Fi! :rockon

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