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Well, I finally succumbed. I do a lot of long distance riding and I finally bought a new 2009 Concours 14. I almost kept the RC but ended up trading it in. They gave me a great deal on the 2009 so I saved some on taxes, garage space and the hassle of selling and traded.

I got the bike a week ago Saturday and got it home at 5:00 PM. At 9:00 I got on and rode from Pittsburgh to Iowa to see my family putting a little over 800 miles on it rolling into my parents driveway about 2:30 Sunday afternoon. I spent the night then took off Monday morning for Pittsburgh. I detoured through Missouri before heading East in Hanibal.

I rode through 3 hours of severe thunderstorms in Illinois and Indiana and finally gave up and got a hotel in Indianapolis. I took of at 7:00 the next morning filled up and stopped only once for gas getting back to Pittsburgh at 1:00 PM after riding a little over 400 miles.

I took it to the dealer later that day for the first service with a little over 1700 miles on the bike.

The pic I posted is of the Concours in Iowa with a nice storm rolling in.

I love this bike, it has incredible power and actually handles well, although I miss the compactness of the RC and the feel of it. I love the bags, it makes it more convenient for the type of riding I'm doing.

I had just taken an 850 mile trip on the RC a couple of weeks prior to getting the Concours. I have also taken it to Iowa in the past. It is more of a pain to pack but I liked it.

Two days before trading it in, I put a Pilot Road2 on the rear since I was doing more long distance riding. I left the dealership and decided to scuff in the tire. I ended up not going home that night and by the time I got home 24 hours later I had put over 300 miles on the tire. It worked pretty well in the twisties of Western Pennsylvania.

I almost bought the RC back from the dealer. I have been resisting but I figure I will spend most of my time on the Concours and really can't justify the added cost of keeping it, although part of me is trying. :)

I've loved the RC and this forum has been a great place to swap information and stories.

Well, I gotta go and pack for another ride. lol All the best people!


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