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so freakin pissed off

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so about two weeks ago i ordered some new parts for my left side sato rearset and they finally came in the mail on wednesday. i ordered a new stud, a new peg and a new base plate and a long gold crg roll-a-click lever.

before i go any further, i have never had a bad experience with kyle racing, everything they do is amazing and i will allways go back there.

heres my rant, so i open the package, and first off, they sent me the wrong length lever, and even after i spoke with the woman on the phone when i ordered it and made her repeat my order stating i wanted the long lever, she still managed to put the order in for the shorty.

secondly so i start to rebuild my rearsets, i pull the old bent stud out of the old peg and everything is fine, put the new baseplate on, and its all good, well for some reason the new stud wont fit through one of the collars, and then being very careful i threaded the stud into the foot peg, well to my amazement it stripped out the entire inside of the footpeg when i unscrewed it. :banghead :banghead :banghead

son of a bitch,
so now i have to re-order all the same stuff but i still cant figure out why these studs wont fit with the stock collars from my sato's
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Hey Phill,

Sounds like You and I have something in common, Orders getting screwed up no matter what :banghead Eh.

Also sounds like the "Bent stud" damaged the peg when you removed it... YES\No? Which there is nothing that could be done about it anyhow.... You have to take it out.... It's either going to go good or not...

IF I was You, before getting rid of your foot peg, I would Try a "King-Sert" first, they're 100X's better then Heli-coil! My :twocents

Could the bent stud have messed up the base plate somehow too...?

GLWTR bro..

Peace Jeff
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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