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Shiftey eBay CF attacks continue ?

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Dixo, 3Awholesale, and now possibly a new threat


the guy has created a 100% rating by sellling recipes and the like. No comments regarding his CF. I may be wrong and the stuff could be legit, but it looks like the same old play on eBay.

Here is his eBay store


I apologize if this has already been posted, but I didn't find anything doing a search for bestcarbon4u or his company name sportsalternative
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I was recently had by one of these type of scams with some autographed merchandise.

The seller gained a feedback rating of over 130 positives in two weeks and only purchased about $25 worth of merchandise. Then they posted 2,260 one-day auctions in three days with average selling prices of phoney merchandise around $30. All winning bidders ID's were kept private and almost 1,700 of the auctions were ended with successful bidders.

So, for a $25 investment and a free e-mail address from Seeqmail, they generated over $50,000 in sales.

Subsequent filings with the ifccfbi.gov resulted in my money being returned by eBay and the user was kicked off. Problably very happy and on his way to a bank in the Cayman Islands.

It always pays to check what the eBay'er has been buying and selling to get their feedback. Do real superbike carbon fiber experts need to forego the millions of free recipe sites on the internet and purchase theirs for 99 cents each on eBay?
Perhaps eBay should adopt a "weighted" feedback system, whereas the price of an item is a multiplier of the feedback.

I'd feel alot better about somebody who did $5,000 woth of business with a feedback rating of 15 than somebody with 300 feedback that spent $100.
Re: (ThePhreakshow)

all i have to say about ebay is do your research. look at feedback carefully and see what they've sold in the past. i've been e-screwed twice by a couple of jack-offs who just decided hey, it's easier to take the money and not ship then it is to complete the deal. some people you just can't read
Re: Shiftey eBay CF attacks continue ? (ssnyder)

I think they are all the same company. I received 2 items from them. A front fender which was not only warped, but the wrong model for what was advertized. The other part was a sprocket cover which was very nice. They took about 3+ weeks to ship it too me though.
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