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Well, a few weeks ago I posted a thread requesting info on the must see's while on work assignment in Sacramento. Here's how she went. My plane touches down in Sac around 9:50am, so I ride directly to the Motowheels address that I got off the internet. Had the baby all programed into my GPS,....so straight off like a bubble bee I did go. Like I knew where I was going. Geeeez, this is slicker than snot in a champagne glass, I thought to myself. Then at about 150ft of the last travel distance to MotoWheels, my GPS leads me up to a big freekin locked gate, as in gated community. Can you say, many houses, as in residential neighborhood. Then to boot, I'm not even in Sacramento, but in some suburb called Rancho Cordoba. I was lookin for Recardo Montebalm, or something like that....
So I think, Damn!, did I just phuck up. Damn it!......Pulled over at the convinience store and ask for phone book. Damn!...No MotoWheels.......Call the wife to teach her to navigate on the PC and find Motowheels and verify address....Damn! She's not home......Tryed calling the phone number from the web site, Damn got that phucking pre-recorded message.......Call directory assisstance....Damn! No listing......Call 1-800 Directory assisstance.....Damn! No listing..... Now I'm fumming, getting pissed
(Get the picture), (Really pissed)

Last desperate attempt before shuttling off to the job site.....I call the 1 and only Duc dealership. Part's department please......hold.....hold....hold.....Finally, a humanbeing answeres
, so give the dude (Juan) a brief skinny on my story and he say's sure, I know Martin, but don't know where his store is.....Here's the number. And he verifies my street address is correct, but thinks the stores in Sacramento, not Rancho suburbo.

So alright!! We're back in business, I have a local number and call.........Damn! that same phucking pre-recorded message. I leave message....then say phuck this, I gotta go to work. After about 7 or 8 calls while enroute to the job site, I finally get through. I speaks with Martin (The Man!), and tell him I wana see some CF wheels, but don't know if I can make it back to his place before closing. He says not to worry, he'll hang around until 6 or 7pm. COOOOEL says I. Just in case, he gives me his home number. Super Coooel I say's again.

Gilbert cranks up the tunes and rolls down the road like the lighting bolt from hell....off to the job site I did go. I get to the job and try to whip the through the project, but I gotta stay througho because, that is the whole point of the office sending me up there. But those damn contractors, sometimes they just try and skip a procedure or 2 or 3 or 4 and get away with it. So, by the time return, it's too late. Bummer. Oh well, at least I tried. I leave a message, saying thanks, but maybe next time. Get to the hotel, do the 3 S's (SSS), and go out to eat at the OutBack and swallow a few microbrews.

Then, at about 9:30pm or so the phone rings...it's Martin. He says come over. HotDog, I woof down what's left of my steak and chug another beer while waiting for the waitress.....Now it gets good. Martin invites over to his house, A very nice house, a very big house, from the outside at least. I walk in side to what appears to be, or what was the Garage, 4 car I think?.....the place is wall to wall parts, but very well orginized and I think Damn, Dude needs a warehouse. There are a few tricked Duc's here and there. 999 (S's, R's) 916's. Other??. Holy shit, so this is heaven. I wanna stay. Don't send me home..PLEASE I like this. Show me more. Martin pulls some CF wheels out, Yea, these are the ones. Heart pounds, box has never been opend. OOOOoooohwee. He opens the box with, I think carefull there "Hoss". Don't scratch'em.

He whips'em out & I salivate and ejaculate at the same time, OOOoooooohwwee! those are gorgeous. H, Hu Huh Huh how much (as if I didn't already know), then before he can answer, "I'll Take'em". Good god their gorgeous wheels. First class quality. Looked as good as anything I've seen from Dan at BenFer. Just Gorgeous, smooth clear coated CF. Hubba hubba hubba. So we go upstairs to a studio like apartment over the garage, more parts, more stuff, geeez, heaven.

Anyway, I'm home now and I just got the wheels in on Friday. Sweet, will be putting those baby's on Sunday, aaaaand, well, not this Monday, because it's still too damn cold, but maybe in a month or less, well be track'in at Halimot Raceway.

Oh, before I forget. I picked up an excellent reference for you do-it-yourselfers. This is a must have, you won't be disappointed or I'll buy it from you...


Enjoy, I know I will.

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Re: Sacramento Was Interesting, & Expensive (Gilbertl)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by Gilbertl »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote"> H, Hu Huh Huh how much (as if I didn't already know), then before he can answer, "I'll Take'em".</TD></TR></TABLE>

It sounds like a cool business trip. Expensive... but cool.

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Re: Sacramento Was Interesting, & Expensive (Mental998)

Thanks mental, I'll be doing some real smoozing this Valentines. Then I'll slip the package in, wheels that is. Got plenty of Peanut Butter and Jelly though, just in case.

The book I bought while there states in the first sentence of the first paragraph, under the Wheel & Suspension Section, that, and I quote "<U>I stand by my belief that replacing your stock hoops with lighweight ones from the aftrmarket is the best modification you can do to your Duck</U>", end quote.

While I certainaly can't confirm this from experience "yet", I do understand the Physic's quite well. Gyroscopic Effect, Rotational Mass, Unsprung Mass, etc. all that I understand perfectly. Which is why I'd been saving for over a year and half for these puppy's. I even got the plastic paid off to get ready for them.

I don't understand the Cush-Drive mechanic's though. And it's got me perplexed. Why don't the mech. drive forces get transfered directly to the rear wheel through the sprocket, i.e. Why the Drive Grommets? Why isn't the connection rigid? Seem's to me this type of connection would rob the rider of the feel for what's happening under his ass. I dunno????

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Re: Sacramento Was Interesting, & Expensive (ducman)

Sorry Ducman, but like I said....what should have been a nice easy job, ended up being not so easy. It was after 7pm before I was able get 20miles from Sac. Then on IH5, major traffic jab. It was way late, your shop would have been closed.

I am greatful that Martin let me into his home in the wee-hour's of the night. He's a good host, and has got the stuff for the duc fans. The 1st. rate proven stuff you read about on forums and modification manuals. Good stuff!!

Anyway, there are 3 more site visits for the project. If the office send me again, I will be stoppin by, I promise.

By the way, today I rode the bike to work. This morning was 55 deg., couldn't say no to that. The commute is 22miles. And that was long enough for me to notice a phenominal difference in handleing. My god, the bike just falls into the turn with minimal (more than ever now) input. Huge huge difference. I didn't rip her up into the triple digits, not just yet. I wanted to make sure everything felt good, and it did. I practice some quickee stops or stoppies and see if halts quicker. But Acceleration is noticably improved, but the turning.....hooooaa! What a significant difference. These wheels are much more suited for tracking, that is where they will really shine. And I intend to putt'em through the ringer.
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