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Heya all

OK, I have a heap of S4 stuff for sale as follows,

All S4 stuff in great condition

2 factory mufflers
2 factory heel guards
1 rear numberplate holder
1 rear number plate support/tail
1 factory air filter
1 factory noise blanket for under the tank
1 factory side stand and immobiliser wiring
1 factory windscreen with small crack

From the Bike after the fire

Front discs, pair in good condition-not burnt
Front forks, in good condition but will need re-anodosing the aluminium stanchions from black soot, 99% cleaned off now.
Top and bottom triple clamp OK but will need re-anodising
Engine, burnt, heads will need lifting and intakes cleaning new seals all round, probably best for all internal components, motor with 22 k and ran sweet.
Frame, need sand blast and paint and is good
Two front brake calipers, not burnt good condition, no burning and most probably sweet as, the braided line plastic in not even darkened or burnt so there was no heat to speak off
Misc clips, bolts etc headlight surround that would need blasting and cleaning
Lense etc OK

Will supply pictures to anyone who may be interested in anything from the list, discount given for multiple purchases, all this money is going into a new two seater later this year or early next year.

Thanks all

(edit) delete items sold.

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Re: S4 Stuff For Sale (will)

Sa much as I can for it really, I do not know what tehy are wort in the US, what is a reasonable offer?
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