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Read It Here First: Rossi On Forbes Top 100 Earners List
and worth every penny ...
by staff
Friday, June 17, 2005

It has long been rumored that Valentino Rossi's annual income is as big as his talent—towering over his competitors on both fronts. Some have estimated that Rossi earns twenty million dollars a year (US) from various sources, including salary, bonuses and product endorsements.

Perhaps that estimate was a little low.

Forbes released their Top 100 Celebrity list this week and ranked Valentino Rossi 63rd in terms of celebrity power, and 41st in terms of annual income.

Forbes estimated Rossi's income at $28 million. If accurate, Rossi may earn more than 10 times as much as some of his competitors.

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Re: (superbird)

good for him
he makes GP what it is IMO, without him i would not watch.

i gave up on AMA years ago, have not watched a race since. I used to like WSBK when edwards was winning on the RC though
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