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Riding on the weekend is supposed to be fun and relaxing, right?
With some of my riding buddies, we were riding on some backroads at a nice controlled pace with some decent curves and because it was later in the day, we came across the usual parade of mini-vans and Sunday doodlers. So what do we do, pass them at the first straightaway. No big deal, right? Wrong!
Mr Traffic Vigilante, as I will call him decides to cut me off to prove a point. But instead of weaving a little into my lane, he deliberately decides to gun his car at an angle and put me into ongoing traffic and this as I'm approaching a corner.
What is this guy doing other than trying to kill me, I was thinking.
So, I somehow get by him and now I'm pissed! I catch up to my friend in front and
pull over to tell him what just happened. Guess who rolls up behind me?
Mr. Traffic Vig screeches his car to a halt and nearly takes me and my friends bike out.. I'm really interested now to see what this moron has to say. Out of nowhere he pushes and takes a swing at me and he's about my size 200 lbs, and I am left with no choice but to defend myself. I rearranged his face a couple of times and roundhouse kicked him in the stomach. This concluded our discussion as he feebly looked for his glasses on the road.
I don't as a rule look for confrontation, but you start pushing and try to swing at me that's unacceptable. What really
gets me is that this guy was so stupid attacking me in the first place wearing full
gear. I guess the moral and whole point of this story is watch out for people on the road. People react in very strange and weird ways especially when you pass them. I was lucky that this guy didn't go back to his car to retrieve a weapon.
Be careful for your own safety because the streets are not "safe". I am seriously
considering doing just trackriding for this reason............anyways thanks for llistening.

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Good job of defending yourself. Did you have your helmet still on when he tried to swing at you?

That moron. Nobody has the right to run a motorcyclist, that's minding their own business, off the road.

You should've smashed his glasses. Okay, maybe not, but it would've felt nice I bet. Glad he didn't have a weapon in his vehicle. What a story!

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Re: (Hams51)

Sounds like a story book ending. You got cut off and (thankfully) didn't go down, you got swung on first, you whooped his ass, nobody got seriously hurt and nobody went to jail.

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Re: Roadside Manners (v-2 superbike)

hey v-2, good work i dare say.... if all you say about the order of events is true, then I am in your corner all the way!!! I live down here in Darien, and bro, all I can say, having come from Monterey county area of Cali back to this area (I grew up her in Stamford Ct) is that these people get THE WORST CASES of road rage I have EVER seen....... EVER
I just try to be soooooo passive now as, like you I have found myself in need of evasive life saving maneuvers several times, only to have some jack-ass look to ME as if I was in the wrong.....

Good job, and keep it safe, and hey, IM me and lets ride, show me the twisties here man, I left this area when I was 17 and just got my new bike like a month ago...... Shoot me a message if ya like
strenth in numbers


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That's awesome!!! I hate stupid drivers. I am all about avoiding confrontation, but I'll kick the shit outa someone if it's forced. Also helps being a relatively big dude, too..... :)

Just be careful, cuz you never know who has a gun these days....

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Re: (rc51999)

i had some dipwad do some serious chit to me on saturday as well. I am coming up on this guy and he is riding side bay side on the this one way two lane road. neither guy will speed up or slow down
i am in the passing lane and i flash this red car to signal to move aside. he slams on the brakes nearly killing me
i am pissed now and want to get by him/her and move on. i see a chance and go around the slow lane car slightly in the brake down lane
i get going and who is on my arese trying to run me over, the red car
i decide to blast due to this ahole and i punch it up to 120ish. i look in my mirror and this car is still there
i do some serious car weaving and this car is going down the fricken breakdown lane to catch me
all of this because i flashed to get past because he was doing 45 in a 55 in the passing lane

i have just about started to carry a gun man, this chit makes me so pissed.

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Re: (eye-p)

Road rage has gone to new levels. V-2, we are all in your corner am sure, not just that you survived someone's idea of attempted suicide, but that you were able to defend yourself. Nothing like a well place roundhouse to temper an advancing barbarian - Sheesh!!!

mrgrn - you too. That is ridiculous. It would be nice if they would get the cojones to do all that vigilante, road rage BS when they are actually faced with a runaway felon.

What is it with people today. There is waayy too much stress in the world. And I thought California was bad. I might start packing a foldable shotgun at this rate.

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Re: (Wim_rc51)

I agree road rage is getting bad and it seems more and more that f'n squids are causing the rest of us a lot of problems. People have a bad experience with a sport bike and all of the sudden all of us are at fault and then they try to do the dumbest things to us. I notice it more and more people see you coming in the passing lane and purposely move left and slow down so you can't pass or gunning it to a merge to try and keep you behind them all the while they are in the safety of a car, van or truck while were on a bike. It's getting on my nerves. Sounds like maybe this guy got what he deserves I just hope he's learned his lesson and doesn't decide to take it one step further and run someone over next time. Maybe the cops should worry about this instead of where you damn plate is mounted and whether or not your turn signals are DOT!!

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Road rage is a common occurance now a days.

Several months ago, an SUV decides to get into my lane and cuts me off. I guess he did not see me. Well, no big deal. I get next to him and flip him off. So off on my merry way right? Wrong. Next thing I know, this guy catches up next to me and tries to sideswipe me off the road! WTF! I think this is Uhh, assault with a deadly weapon. I slow down and he takes off. Crazy SOB wanted to scare me and it sure worked. I thought, man, that was not worth it.

Anyways, moral of the story is that don't flip anyone off when your on a bike, everyone is potentially crazy enough not able to control their emotions and let a simple incident escalate into something more serious. Wish I had gotten his plates, but by the time I thought of that he exitted the freeway and took off.

Just be cool out there and assume every one in a car is a crazy idiot.

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Re: (rc74racer)


cars do that chit all the time around here, it is like don't you know who i am all the time
if you ever try to split a lane in traffic they will open their door so you can't pass as they feel it is not fair they are stuck in their 100,000 dollar cars.

they will ride 45 in the passing lane for hundreds of miles to spite cause they can
as soon as they see you on a bike they are like i got this guy
almost everytime i ride now i run into a person with rage on the machine
i almost want to pull over and settle things like gentlemen with my helmet and full suit of armour

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Re: (mrgrn)

I hear you on wanting to settle things but it's best to remain cool and do nothing in the car vs. bike battle the car always wins. I did see something really funny a few years back I was following a friend in my car and another car ran him off the road into the gravel at the next light my friend got off his bike took off his helmet and cracked the dudes windsheild with it. Funny as hell but he was lucky the guy was too scared to run him over.

On another note everyone should think of their fellow riders out there and avoid confrontation as much as possible maybe you get away with it but what about the next bike this person runs into?

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Re: Roadside Manners (v-2 superbike)

He I agree with you completly, One time I was in the city (Washington DC) and some one cut off me and a couple of bikers on a turn none the less. My buddy had a girl on the back and almost went off the road so we were pissed. We were on Rock Creek Parkway so it turn after turn and the guy keeps trying to run us bikers off the road. We had to ride at 15-20 mph when the speed limit is 35-45
this is because this guy wouldnt let us pass so we decided to stay behind him and when we speed up he would. So when we came to a light he was between cars and was unable to move because of traffic so I drove between the cars and I took off his passenger mirror because I was heated at that point. He got out the car and tried to do something but by that time me and my friends had passed and we took off getting away from that azz hole.

Thats the one thing I hate about bikes is any azzhole in a car can run you off the road and it not much you can do about it on the bike.

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Re: Roadside Manners (fattony)

The squid factor without a doubt has tarnished our image. When you see guys
doing 60-80mph on their rear wheel on a main road you think what an azzhole!
Then you go ride and you get these "cagers" with bad attitude assuming you are one of them and now will show you. Its just too f* dangerous! Reacting to this BS
only makes it worse, but not reacting to it when somebody slams on their brakes
or tries to run you down at 120MPH is very difficult. I don't know what the answer
is other than get up real early on Sunday and go out when nobody's on the road.
With a 2 month old girl this will not happen for a while. In the meantime, I'm going
to slow things down and try to chill out, because when the grin factor goes wayside, its time to park the bike in the garage and wait for a better day. Thanks
everybody for sharing with your war stories!

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Re: Roadside Manners (v-2 superbike)

i have to chime in with my opinion and my own little story.
i do agree that the stunters only worsen the bad image the general public has of us.if they see a sprotbike,they assume-regardless fo how responsibly you're actually riding-that you're one of the dumbasses that is going to do something stupid and cause an accident.that just lowers their threshold of where they go crazy.i definitely try be passive on a bike though-a simple bump from them could easily kill you.i try to save the middle fingers and yelling for when i'm in the car

i've had numerous occasions on the parkway with pissed off motorists when passing them.always in passing zones,i don't blow by them at 100MPH(just enough to complete the pass),and only if they're going under the speed limit(which is a problem with all the tourists and sunday drivers).whenever we're riding at a "spirited" pace,we always slow down the speed limit as soon as we spot a car ahead,pass at the first legal opportunity,then slowly pull away from the car(s).once they're out of sight,we pick the pace back up.it just amazes me how many people STILL do assholish stuff even though we're being completely courteous,and not showing our asses in front of them.

anyways,on to my story....me,my old roommate(Jason),one of my friends(Mike) and his sister(i forget here name-only met her this one time
) were riding a popular backroad about a year ago.my friend's sister had only been riding for about a month,so we were taking it super easy-below the speed limit the majority of the time.at a previous stop sign,the riding order had gotten shuffled so that the guy's were up front,with the woman at the back(we had been letting here ride second,to keep the pace comfortable to her).
....anyways,we come around a blind corner,and this middle-aged guy is standing on the shoulder of the road,waving a box fan above his head,and screaming at us!us three guys veer towards the center line to try to stay away from him.as we pass,he jumps out in the road,in front of the new rider.she panic stops,and looses here balance,dropping her bike...we turned all turn around and go back to help,but when we stop,the guy starts yelling at us(he was complaining about all the sportbikes coming through the area),and swinging the fan by the cord at us!my friend grabs the fan,jerks it out of his hands,and throws it in the ditch.well,the guy tries to rush him,and punch him in his helmeted face
.my friend just pushed him down,and then tried to go calm down his sister(me and my Jason were picking her bike back up).the guy comes at him again,trying to punch him again!at that point,my friend just let him have it.he ended up on top of the guy,and when he stopped hitting him to tell him to chill out and leave us alone,the guy's telling him to 'F off and tried to hit him yet again!
by that time cars had started lining up,as we were blocking the street,so we jumped on our bikes and rode off while Mike held the guy down.after we got going,Mike jumped on his bike and followed us-with the guy chasing him on foot,still yelling!
we pulled over a couple miles down the road and called the cops.a couple of the motorists also stopped to back up our story(apparently one of them was right behind Mike's sister,and saw the whole thing-i was so shook up i never even noticed until there were like 10 cars stopped!).
turns out the guy had just gotten out of jail for violent crimes,and was on parole.Mike and his sister had to go to court to testify on what happened,and i believe the guy had to serve more time.
my point?i dunno....i guess never let your guard down cause you never know what might happen


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I agree, things are getting worse on the roads. Can't combat a 3000 pound vehicle when you're on a bike, worse yet, when you have a passenger.

I took my sportbikes off the street this year and only ride them on the track. Mainly because I am getting crushed with high insurance, but the safety factor is also part of it.
I am riding my Valkyrie on the roads now, and less crap is happening to me. Sportbikes definitely attract their share of nonsense.

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