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Rim Striping

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For the people who like to have Rim Striping.

I think I will order these Rim Stripings for my RC51.

The Rim striping you see, is for the European version of the RC51...I asked the seller if he could make these for the RC51.

HONDA VTR SP1 or SP2 WHEEL RIM STICKERS - MANY COLOURS - eBay, Other Motorcycle Accessories, Accessories, Motorcycle Parts Accessories, Vehicle Parts Accessories. (Eindtijd 21-nov-10 19:19:37 CET)
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Those are nice. I bet they add 5mph at least. I want some.
9,50 GBP = $17.10 usd.... + shipping... you could probably get these here cheaper...
i'd rather save up for track day, or get parts that i may want or need
Is this anything like a rim-job?

nero can help you.:twocents
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