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Yes, I'm a 'tard for resurrecting two bikes at the same time.

For those of you that may not have known I restored a 1987 VFR700F2 Interceptor last year that was identical to the one I owned that was stolen right after I got married in 1989. Always loved that bike and Mrs. G-Man had always said if I could find a replacement to jump on it.

Well kids, life and playing adult interceded until I got a phone call about a clean Interceptor for sale at a fair price last year. It need the standard old Honda V4 rejuvenation stuff but eventually it was alive and running once again...

... until the rectifier went TU, slagging the wiring harness and generating enough heat to cause the electric fuel pump located right below it to catch fire. I don't know what rocket scientist at Honda thought it was a great idea to place those two components right next to each other but I would like to insert the slagged, unavailable fuel pump in his backside.

Damage was pretty extensive: melted fuel pump, rectifier, wiring harness, undertray, left side cover, tail section and seat.

Did I mention that NONE of these items are available NEW OEM anywhere nor are the decals required if you want to repaint used stuff?

See slagged rectifier and fuel pump here:

Well, after a year's worth of searching on EBay, craigslist and several V4 forums I managed to source enough used parts to attempt resurrection. Bodywork is at Dave Kinsey's Cyclewerkes shop being painted (BTW, no actual paint code available). I'm vectorizing graphics to reproduce my own decals and have to try and locate vinyl that matches but its not going to be perfect as the gold metallic that is OEM is a strange shade.

The replacement harness I sourced was ok, only needing one connector scavenged from the original harness. Finding the retaining rubber that holds the fuel pump to the frame bracket was the most challenging acquisition (to get it running) as it was not available through American Honda or UK. Swapping out the harness was a huge pain but after lots of complex explicatives installing it and all the replacement parts this was the result:

BTW, it only took me 3 different VFR seats to get one that was actually as described (not torn, ripped, etc) so if anyone needs VFR700 seat parts I'm your man.

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Sounds really good and your controls and cluster look awesome! I have the same bike, same color and am in search for lower fairing decals. The paint code listed on mine is NH139P-A, idk if your plastics have already been repainted, but maybe that can help them better match it if not.
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