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I was think'n!

The crf450 I have is plated for the street and will see plenty of time if not most of its time on the street. Still have dirt tires for the occasional weekend. Also, it will be a track bike for weekends on occasion. For sheer laziness I have been giving the rekluse auto clutch some thought. In the dirt, it makes a 450 more manageable for trail riding, street easy riding, but track days, How do you suppose it would do?

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Re: Rekluse Auto Clutch. (norderner)

Some people like 'em.

I can see where it would make a motocross bike more fun in the woods... the tiny flywheel makes them easy to stall.

I can see where it would make race starts a snap.

A flat track dude, Dan Stanley, was running one on his CRF when he took the open money event at the first Gateway Supermoto race... so it can't possibly hurt for supermoto, right?

The only caveat I've heard is that if you're using engine barking coming into a tight corner that the clutch can disengage right when you don't want it to, unless you prurposely keep the rpms up by selecting the lowest possible gear.

I bet once you "learn" it, it's an easy change to make.
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