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I'm a smart guy. Really. But for some reason that escapes me I just can't wrap my head around what to do with my valve clearance measurements
I have Snyder's, Haynes, and ducatisuite/tech resources but they're not doing it for me.

So I'm going to be presumptuous and post my measurements here in hopes someone can spit this data back to me in practical terms, i.e. tell me if I need shims or not. I'm really not looking fwd to pulling the cams so lie to me and tell me my clearances are w.in spec

Thanks and without further delay:

L IO - .004
R IO - .004
L IC - .007
R IC - .006

L EO - .005
R EO - .005
L EC - .008
R EC - .007

L IO - .003
R IO - .003
L IC - .004
R IC - .004

L EO - .004
R EO - .006
L EC - .007
R EC - .008

Thanks for your replies

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Re: Regurgitate my valve clearance #s for me! (doocatiboy)

Everything looks good with the exception of the exhaust closers. I'm assuming the your exhaust closers are under load. If so you may want to shim them to around .006. Be sure to not pull the closer pins out no more than 1/2" when servicing your closer shims. If they come out completly..life will suck. Good luck.
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