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Here is my first update:
First let me thank Jeff (999) for his support.

Since my last post I have mailed out 45 brochures that should be arriving today and tomorrow to selected mc companies nation wide. Monday I will be mailing out another 30 to in state(Maine)companies.
The kids built me a quick little website just to get the idea out there and have a place for people to get some initial info. Three students did this for me during study halls. We are looking to host a site off the school website but we have a huge virus issue right now so it is on hold.
I have five seniors and three juniors who have parental permission to participate. I also have two past graduates and one cop friend who want to start racing and have agreed to help with supervision and transportation.
As soon as I get some race skins the art teacher and two student said they would donate the paint/talent and do up a logo of some sort. My guidance counselor has a small trophy and silk screening business and has offered up some tee shirts with logos. So needless to say i am starting to get fired up to get to the track this spring. Here is the web site http://www.redappleracing.com it ain't much but it gives a pretty good overview of what Red Apple Racing is.

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Re: Red Apple Racing (casjoker)

Nobility is often without reward-

I hope you disprove that with this project.

Physics, Geometry, mathematics, mechanical & chemical engineering. There is far more to RoadRacing than bravado.

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