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But the lower bracked doesn't use the subframe holes at all, and somehow bolts to the upper bracket....right? See, the pics of the lower bracket only show the two holes for the peg sets...and the horrible microscopic photo on the RC51parts site doesn't make it clear at all as to what's going on.

Anyway, I believe ya and am considering getting a set. But I'd love to see those pics once the tail is removed. And speaking of removing the tail....it's swapping out to the OEM exhaust (so you can use the OEM pegs) that would be the big PITA, I thinking. Tail removal is 45 seconds!
Upper bracket bolts to subframe and stay put. It is not visible with the tail section on. Lower bracket bolts to upper bracket and hangs out of the tail section. Stock passenger pegs bolt to lower bracket. When removing, just unbolt lower bracket from upper bracket (4 bolts total and 5 mins) and the rear pegs are removed.

As far as swapping, yeah the tail section isn't a huge deal but my undertail makes it somewhat of a PITA and I am going from high mount Jardine to low mount Two brothers. I think it's a bad idea to keep removing parts.
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