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Have an 06 RC51 Front Wheel with OEM Rotors/Bolts & Dunlap SPORTMAX D208 Front Tire! $350!
Will ship Free & Insured Through Pay Pal!

Tire has 80% Tread Life! Rotors are in Very Good condition! Front Wheel is Straight & True!

Wheel was Removed with 468 Miles on the bike! Bought in 07 & Sat for Year! Wheel was Removed August 09!

Wheel has Some Light Scratch Marks & a Small ding (1/8) in. on the Right Inner side! Cosmetically it's an 8-1/2 out of a 10!

First Picture Shows Ding on the Wheel @ your 4 O-clock

Remember that Honda uses Paint on their wheels! There not Powder Coated!

If you want More Pictures, well send as many as You Need!!!

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