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RC51 not charging

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About a month ago my bike refused to start on my way back from Bear Mtn. in New York. My buddy and I were able to push start it. It ran for about 10 miles then the FI light started flashing then when it went solid the bike stopped running. We push started it again and it ran for another 10 miles and the same thing with the FI light and again it died. My friend had to ride home and we ended up putting it in the back of his pick-up truck. My battery at that point was a 6 year old Parts Unlimited YTZ-12bs. I purchased a new Yuasa YTZ-12s and installed it. Starting voltage was 12.7 volts, dropped to 12.3 when I started the bike (It's supposed to go up to around 13.5 to 14.0 right??). I did the diagnostic test for the stator and it was up to spec. I borrowed a friend's rectifier (which works perfectly in his RC51 - he gets 14.4 volts with his bike started) and we swap and it's the same result on my RC.. 12.2 volts! So if my battery is new, the stator is up to spec (.3 ohm resistance at all 3 leads), and the rectifier is mechanically sound how come my battery is not charging?? Please guys, I need your help. I am a novice at using a voltmeter but I have the owner's manual which helps a lot. Help!! Mike
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I ordered a new OEM stator ($220) and left crankcase gasket($11)and it should be here in 10 days.This should solve my problem. Any suggestions what to use to re-seal the left crankcase? Any particular brand silicone sealant? Thanks. Mike

So I replaced the stator and resealed the L crankcase as per the manual. Started the piggy and it was showing 14.53 volts! Woohoo! Take it out for a 10 mile spin and everything was normal. BUT.. As soon I turn the engine off my tripmeter resets to 0. What gives? Maybe I forgot to plug a wire back? What controls the tripmeter memory? Mike

Ok, so I inspected the fuse panel by the choke and the 10 amp fuse for the odometer was indeed fried. I replaced it and hopefully that cures my problem. Thank you for the quick input guys. I love this RC51 forum.Mike
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