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I am still on the look out and i have found one. It is through a dealer in Cali
who has a customer who is looking to part with it
i have not asked for the price yet but i was told 13k-15k
and i would like some advise please

bike is clean but has 12,000 miles with some Dan Kyle in there
it has marchesini wheels and the plastics look nice via pics. It has a carbon muffler, not sure if it is a full system. It also has a HRC rad and Ohlins from and rear
It has ISR front calipers and some fancy rare carbs i guess

I think the price is high but they are not easy to find mind you

what does 12,000 miles sound like?

should i fly to Cali
to check, or should i send a spy


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Re: rc30 help please (mrgrn)

well a modded RC 30 is not exactly gonna hold its value, does the owner have all the original parts?

What part of Cali?

If it is within a couple hours of me I will go look at it for ya

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Re: rc30 help please (sp2pilot)

i think Hollywood Robert, and thanks for the offer.

I hear you on the mods and the value. i will have to get some more info like the year
and what other things have been done. It says DK engine so maybe i should try Dan and see if he would be kind enough to talk about it

I should also like to see some paperwork on the bike as well.

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Re: rc30 help please (Giannis)

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for 5000euros an FZR750 OW-01

Ack!! They killed it!

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Re: rc30 help please (Dave)


My ex-bosses bike, prob still sitting in that unused office to this day. Its a canadian model, not one of the 300 officially imported to the US, is all original except for a pipe, has 1400km on it, and never gets ridden
When I was still working there he liiterally laughed in the face of a guy who offered him $15k for it

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Re: rc30 help please (Dezmo)

Thanks for the pic dezmo

1400 km is what 2.2 miles per km? 700 miles in perfect shape, i believe 15K is good.

but a bike with mods and 12,000 miles is far different you know? imagine all the money I could be out if them ti parts are bad inside? i wonder how much for a complete rebuild for the motor? sure don't want to spend top dollar and have major mechanical problems

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Re: rc30 help please (Eddie)

lol... then a 5000euro OW is a bargain.. i dont think i would need another 7000euro to turn it back to original specs... (actually i do like my OW01 to have black rims!)


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Re: rc30 help please (Giannis)

just got these answers back

1. What year is the bike? 1990 49 state bike.
2. What other mods are on the bike, like exhaust, etc.? Exhaust,
shock, forks, brakes, carbs, Kyle engine, 121rwhp, HRC upper radiator,
Marchesinis (way more useable rubber available for riding with these
rims), ISR triples.
3. Is there any paperwork to follow? As mentioned above, I might be
> able to find it. I do have the owners manual and stock rear stand.
> 4. It say Dan Kyle engine, can you give me more on this? Heads were
> decked, flowed and valve job and porting. Bike is very strong.
> 5. How many owners? I'm number 3. The guy before me did all the work
> and only rode it 700 miles.
> 6. was it raced? Never as I have another RC30 that is raced.
> 7. do you have the stock parts? I have Radiator, signals, maybe
> shock, carbs, wheels, brakes, sprockets,maybe some other bits.

got some pics too, nothing real close up but the OEM's look nice

i might just be in cali soon

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Re: rc30 help please (mrgrn)

I know of an RC30 sitting in San Diego @ Lee's Cycle Center. I asked if it was for sale, but the guy didn't offer up to much info, and I didn't push for more (Customer Service
).. It has been sitting there for about a year that I know of, and looks stock. May be worth a phone call....

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Re: rc30 help please (kiwigav)

Kiwigav, NICE FIND

can you go secure that one for me? that is about 5 grand short of the one here

Is it safe to ship bike form abroad?

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Re: rc30 help please (mrgrn)

Of course that's assuming he meant aussie dollars in the ad.

Not to mention the fact that the VFR750R is not DOT legal so you are going to have some challenges getting it past customs.

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Re: rc30 help please (g-man)

G, what if i don't intend to register the bike, is that still a customs problem? If so are there ways to import without so many problems?

the guy wants 15k firm, not sure if i want to spend that on this bike

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Re: rc30 help please (mrgrn)

15k on the California bike? Like I said I've seen them go for that much if they have all the original parts and they were exceptionally clean.

It is my understanding that a bike clearly intended for road use will not make it past customs without all the required DOT modifications, including lights, lenses and any EPA requirements like exhaust.
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