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Jason Etter
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Jennings, FL, April 3, 2005 - Team section8superbike swept the podium in the Heavyweight Twin class at the Jennings GP CCS event chalking up a first, a second and a third.

Section8superbike rider Larry Denning finished first despite riding his 749R for the first time during practice on the previous Saturday. Denning, a 4-cylinder veteran, reported, “Man thing feels slow…………but I keep passing everyone.” In reference to the linear power delivery of that Ducati L twin.

Section8superbike co-owner Jason Etter finished 2nd riding his 999R.

Section8superbike technician, Matt Carr, finished third after starting on the last row and being handicapped by the fact that he had only ridden his new 999 seven laps just before gridding up for the race.

Etter stated, “This is a great start for the 2005 season. We will be attending CCS regional races that offer Ducati contingency with the ultimate goal of bringing home a win in the CCS Race of Champions to be held in Daytona, FL in October.”

Larry Denning is an accomplished racing veteran with many Championships and over 300 race wins in CCS, WERA, and GLRRA sponsored events. Denning currently holds five track records throughout the Midwest. Etter said that section8superbike is extremely happy to have a rider of Denning’s caliber racing and developing their equipment.

Jason Etter is also an accomplished road racer. He has captured six championships on Ducatis and has over fifty wins to his credit.

Matt Carr, also a proficient Ducati racer, has over seven years of road racing experience that includes in excess of thirty wins and two championships.

Etter added that for national exposure, Team section8superbike may also race in the Formula Extreme and Superbike classes at the Road America AMA during June.

Section8superbike will also be in attendance at the Mid Ohio AHRMA/Ducati weekend where the team may have up to eight riders on the grid.

Section8superbike, located in Commerce Township, MI, opened its doors to their new dealership January of this year and is ranked 13th in sales nationally. The dealership is co-owned by Etter and Bill Keros who also races.

Team sponsors include Ducati North America, section8superbike, and Cycle Cat.

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Re: Race Report Jennings (section8superbike)

WoW good job!

i got to Jennings late sunday and missed all of the ducati action but i did see the last two races of the day.

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Re: Race Report Jennings (section8superbike)

Great Job Lads, makes a change to see people who can walk the walk you know the rest, Viva Section 8. With any luck (Excuse me did I laugh) DNA will step up to the plate and realise getting behind you guys would be good for them the dealers and the customers.

Ryan and the Boyz at CASOLI

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Re: (ntnunk)

I'm no racer.I'll try a trackday eventually,at Loudon. racing is the greatest
What commitment!! 1st 2nd+3rd
! Pictures?? Those are the black/red bikes' right?

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Re: Race Report Jennings (section8superbike)

Putting Denning on your bike at a club race? Dude, that's almost like cheatin' . . .

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Re: (mikeinwi.)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by mikeinwi. »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">are you guys coming to Road America on 4/22-24?</TD></TR></TABLE>

We sure are

Are you going to get there Thursday morning? We won't be there till Friday morning and I fear the pit spots will be few and far bwetween

I'll give you a dollar to save me a spot
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