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Hey Gang,

TrackAddix and "Super" Dave Rosno's Visionsports Riding School have teamed up to "Race Against Childhood Cancer"!

The event will take place during the TrackAddix "No Session" track day at Road America on June 9th. TrackAddix will donate a portion of all rider entry fees to "Super" Dave's Race Against Childhood Cancer. Spectators, guests, family, friends, and crew will be charged a $10 guest pass fee to enter the event. All proceeds from the guest pass fee will also be donated to the fund.

When deciding which track day group to ride with at Road America, ask yourself 2 questions...

1) During a 20 minute session on a track the size of Road America, how many actual good laps do you get in? By the time your tires are warm, you settle into a grove, start turning some fast laps....checkered flag, session over!

2) Why would you spend $160+ to get a limited amount of track time riding in sessions, when for the same price you could experience the freedom of a TrackAddix "No Sessions" track day and get all the track time you want?

Riding with TrackAddix at Road America is a winning combination! You get a ton of track time, and together, we raise money for a worthy cause. If you haven't experienced a TrackAddix day yet, come out and see what riders throughout the Midwest are raving about!

Trackside Partners and services available at our events include: Lithium Motorsports, Suspension Solutions, Michelin Tires, Hitman Motorsports Mobile Dynojet Tuning Center, Momentum Photography, and our "SpeedCam" video service. As always, it's a good idea to order anything you need well in advance of the event to ensure availability. The Dyno especially seems to be busy at our events so contact Hitman ahead of time to make an appointment. Please visit the http://www.TrackAddix.com website to link to any of our sponsors.

We are also seeking corporate sponsorship for this event, along with donated products and services to be sold at "silent auction". All proceeds from the silent auction will be donated to the fund.

For more information regarding "Super" Dave's Race Against Childhood Cancer" please visit this link.

"Super" Dave's Visionsports Riding School will also be available during this event for a special discounted price. Our "No Session" format is the perfect arena for you to get personalized quality instruction. Ride some laps with an instructor, come into the hot pit, talk about some things, then go right back out on the track. For more information visit http://www.team-visionsports.com

To register for the track day or school, visit http://www.TrackAddix.com
Early registration ends on June 1st. So sign up early and save yourself some dough!
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