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Quick Tech Question

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I need to replace the outer gasket around the fuel cap on my wife's 95 900SP - I take the pattern bolts out and the inner cap comes out but not the outer ring. Does anybody know the secret??

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Re: Quick Tech Question (Rooster)

look at the ID circumference of the fuel tank ring/opening. there should be a set of small threaded screws around that circumference that locks the ring in place. you need to remove/loosen them from the ID of the fuel tank ring/opening to remove the assembly (try not to lose them).
Thanks - never thought I'd use those tiny allen wrenches. Now if I can only get that gasket to retain its shape as I stretch it around the ring.......AARRRRHHHHGGGGGGG!!!!
Re: (Rooster)

That might have one of the worst r/r's I had to do
It took me almost 2 hrs just to get that stupid gasket to sit snug around the perimeter as it kept popping off
I then realized that if you start the gasket at the bottom and slowly close the ring, it should keep it in place! Hope it wrks out well for you...
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Two sets of hands and we did it. I'll buy a used tank with a good seal before I do it again!!!
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