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I've seen alot of project bikes around here that start with a salvaged bike and I'm curious about where to look to find insurance salvaged bikes for a project of my own some day. My other question is what is involved in getting a salvaged title, retitled, especially if the original title is not with the motorcycle.... Searching the net seems to turn up a few salvage ducs at un-tasty prices (such as 3-4K for a 2001 supersport with nothing straight
) So i'm curious if people check out auto auctions.... or bike auctions (if there is such a thing)

thanks as always.

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Re: questions on finding/ buying a salvage titled bike (monarc)

I bought a 2000 Ducati M750 for $3000 a few years ago. I went to a local motorcycle salvage place and looked at bikes coming up for auction on their computer and bid on it. You don’t get very good descriptions of damage and the pictures usually suck.

It had a small dent in the tank, scratched pipe, needed rearsets and a headlight and had some acid marks on the frame. It was in Texas - cost me $500 to have a company come out to the auction house, crate it and ship it to me in Ohio (forward air).

The guy at the salvage shop took it to get inspected to get a title - he knows the people at the highway patrol office from doing so many of them.

here is the link to his website -

this is another shop that I like - they also sell used parts -


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check even ebay
i bought a 620 fro $2200
it needed just mirrors to be inspected.
i am currently putting in a carbed 900 motor with a toon of extras tthat i have bought over time
finding the right deal takes time

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I have bought two salvaged Ducati's at salvaged yards. BE careful!!! Make sure you inspect the hell out of them. For instance one of the bikes looked really good, not too much damage, minor stuff. Upon closed inspection it had thrown a chain and had a bent output shaft.
Depending upon your state laws all bikes should have a "salvage title" . Once an insurance company has paid off the bike and gets the original title from the owner, it now has to file with the state DMV for a salvage title, in most states a complete inspection is needed ( not to be confused with a safety inspection) before a new title can be issued certifiing that the bike has been restored to like "new condition" and there are no defects still remaining from the cause of the accident. These inspections can be a pain in the ass. Because while cosmetic damage may not effect the bikes operation it has to be repaired to like new condition. it seems that most insurance companies don't want to repair damaged motorcycles and adjusters will overestimate minor items just to "total" the bike. Quess what happens now. When you go to get the bike reinspected for the repair of the crash damage, the inpecting agency wants a copy of the original damage estimate from the insurance company, and the inpector wants you to also produce receipts of all the parts you replaced. Now if you didn't have to replace much to get the bike road worthy they don't care. You didn't replace the damaged parts per the estimate. Quess why they want receipts? You guessed right "STOLEN PARTS" off other bikes.Talk about getting into pissing contests with a skunk!!! Of course if you what a track bike and it will not be used on road or register forgot the above because there no liscening required.
Becuase of all of the above salvaged bikes are worthy 10% of the value. So don't pay any crazy amount. Caveat Emptear!!!

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Re: (Redduc)

depends on the state.
Joe - from the link I put in above had Velcroed a generic tail light to the tail of a 996 with a broken light. He has also used a bicycle bell instead of a horn and passed the Ohio inspection.

You do need not only receipts for parts, but the vin off the bike that they came from.

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Re: (Eddie)

Thanks for the replies guys. It's very helpful to know all the information before buying a bike like this. I was aware of some of the pitfalls of registering but not the need for VIN's from the bikes i'd buy used parts. It sounds as though the best bet is to find a higher mileage clear titled bike and work from there.... as retitling wouldn't be an issue. still there are some tasty deals to be had on some salvaged bikes...... thanks again
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