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A few years ago Ducati SA changed their enterprise software to SAP.
As with any bizware there numerous glitches trying to integrate previous data into the new dbase and allow good inter department communcation. Each department of a company has unique requirements as to what they need/want/expect from an integrated system. Accounting, sales, engineering, compliance, scheduling, manufacturing, service, parts all have to be slowly merged into the new system one at a time.

Parts has/had some real difficulty getting the system to work which essentially brought them to their needs. At least they implemented it in late fall when the demand season is minimal for the northern hemisphere. Knowing the bizware biz, I'll mention that the provider likely did some development work off of another customers part system software then said "no problem, we'll have it up and tested within a month". Retro speculating, it seems the beta version was a bust.

They are just now getting things working and naturally will satisfy the supply chain of their biggest market, North America first.

I'd say by July it will all be in order. *Just in time for their August shutdown.*
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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