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phoenixz said:
I just purchased the Pro Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish to clean my RC. The directions on the can say for use on chrome and unpainted surfaces only??? What's up with that? The guy at the dealer said they just recently changed the label and that it is the same stuff. Did I buy the wrong cleaner? Did they change it? My brother said he uses it on his RC and the guy I bought my bike from said he used it.

Any help/comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

I use cheap dollar store furniture polish for daily clean ups.

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Pro HONDA GLARE Professional Polish

Yes I'm afraid its true. The World Famous HONDA Spray Polish no longer complies with strict Environmental laws concerning VOC's in most states, although their are some states that are still allowed to sell it, and California is not one of them. From what I heard from the guys over at HONDA North America they will continue to sell whatever leftover inventory they have left through these states that are still allowed to sell it but once its all gone then that's it. They will not be selling that particular formulation any more.
But here is the Good news. They have a new product (although its not a spray) that is supposed to work even better and just as easy to apply. Its called Pro HONDA GLARE Professional Polish and its new technology that bonds to the paint through a chemical reaction. Its supposed to be the best for paint, plastic, plexiglass, glass, chrome, metal alloys, and carbon fiber as well.
I believe that HONDA will soon be selling a new Spray Polish that WILL be VOC approved to current standards that will also be based on the Glassplexin based formulation as the new Pro HONDA GLARE Professional Polish.
Here is a link: http://powersports.honda.com/the_goods/parts_and_service/detail.asp?ProductGroup=Cleaners+%26+Polishes&PartId=08732-GLR-001&PartValue=Honda+Glare+Professional+Polish&TheGoodsDir=3
That is the Hands Down Absolute BEST Polish you can use on your HONDA or anything you have running on land, sea, or air for that matter. Bitchin Stuff and endorsed by HONDA Racing to boot!!! I use it on my RC and my Helmet and Visor too.


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Nope! Honda Spray Polish was not made in Japan. It was made in the US.

Trust me try the HONDA GLARE Pro Polish. It works WAY BETTER Anyway.
The Spray replacement is on its way but don't expect it to be on the store shelves till next Season. Meanwhile use the HONDA GLARE. Man I did my RC and it took out ALL the scratches and Micro Scratches, even on the windscreen, and left such a High Shine I could not believe my eyes.
It looked better then a show bike.
I heard that the Formulation used for the HONDA GLARE Pro Polish is some type of new Technology borrowed from the Aviation Industry. I also heard that not only will the HONDA GLARE protect your paint from Oxidation and UV Sun Damage and fading, but that it makes the paint so slick and smooth that it actually reduces the Air/Drag Coefficient. Its like a HONDA Racing Secrete. The HONDA IRL guys use it for that purpose on the Indy cars too.
So if you want the latest and the greatest then that's the Polish to use.
It works better then any wax or polish I ever used, and trust me I've used them all. I used to be a professional Auto Detailer in Los Angeles. Its better then Maguire's, better then S100, better then any thing I've ever used.
I use it on my Corvette and it always looks like a showcar. What's great about it is that its so easy to use and the depth of gloss is like WOW!!!!
Whatever you do don't use Furniture Polish. That is just Stupid.
Just ask your Local HONDA Motorcycle Dealer for Pro HONDA GLARE Professional Polish. It comes in a clear 12 oz bottle and they also have the Pro Honda GLARE Ultra Wash which is the wash they recommend you use before polishing. You don't want to buff a dirty bike. That's how you create scratches so always wash and dry the entire bike before doing any kind of buffing. I guess you don't have to wash the bike if you're just going to do some spot polishing but I personally don't like to buff a dirty surface because I know that's how you create scratches. So stop complaining and go pick up a bottle. HONDA GLARE Pro Polish. Trust me, its WAY better then any Polish you have ever used. Yes, including the spray.

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Realmanken: Have you ever used Zymol Cleaner/ Wax ? I started using it after seeing pro detailers use it on 20 million dollar concours cars at shows. If it's good enough for those machines, it's OK for my toys. Once, after returning home from the dealer after getting an oil change on my Mini Cooper , I noticed a DEEP scratch on the fender right behind the heat vent . The idiot tech must have done it with a ring. I thought for sure it would be unfixable w/o paint. I applied Zymol, buffed, reapplied, buffed, and the scratch disappeared ! I couldn't believe it. Maybe it was because the paint was warm because of the scratch location behind the engine vent, I'm not sure, but ever since, I swear by Zymol. Would you say that the Honda Glare Polish is better than Zymol ? Currently, I use the Honda Polish Spray also for removing grease etc. .

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Here's what I always tell my fellow riders.
You shouldn't use anything on your chain except chain lube or chain cleaner, but be careful what cleaner you use on your chain. It should be a cleaner made for the chain. Trust me I learned from a bad experience using a household cleaner to clean my chain one time and I ruined my chain. It was all rusted like the following week.
Man I was pissed. :mad:
The Lesson learned.
Don't use things for things that they're not meant for.
But to address the issue on the Polish. Well, Don't use it on your chain because its not meant to be used for that. LOL! And yes its better then Zymol because its better then any Wax or Polymer based product. Those kinds of products have a low melting point compared to a Silicate composition which is what the HONDA GLARE is. They say its good up to 650 degrees F. So it wont burn of pipes and mufflers. Waxes, Polymers, and any other Resin based product that I can think of is obviously going to have a much lower melting point then glass. Because that's what the HONDA GLARE Polish is. Its a negatively charged Silicate ionic Compound termed.. (Glassplexin). :rockon
Waxes and Resins also accelerate the oxidation of paint, speeding the paint's fading from UV Ray Damage Because they cannot filter the Sun's UV Rays.
HONDA GLARE does filter UV Rays because it transforms the surface of the paint into a 50/50 glass/paint composition, kind of like a glass shield but that doesn't crack because it also has the properties of paint and still capable of expanding and contracting with temperature differences unlike an Acrylic Polymer based formulation which will leave your paint looking cracked and peeling after a few months. Yuck!!!
Wax's don't last. They will just cause more damage in the long term by speeding the Oxidation Process after it melts in the Sun plus it will only temporarily mask the issue at hand, and that is that you have paint which is being punished by the Elements.
Here check out these Magazine Tests I found. Im sure that there is a Whole Lot more out there on it as well. Here are the Links...
Make sure to click on Information and then on Testimonials.

You can also Visit: HONDA


and: Vette Magazine


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