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Hi everyone!

This is pv2. I was a Rogue Member who chat with LDH.
Because of him my engine is stock but everything around it is not.

This first foto is added framesavers ,new tires, CF hugger, CF front fender and the nad saving Stompgrips.

Third photo is one that i found pretty much the way I got the bike: They had installed Scott damper, Corbin seat, PC2, Full Akro exhaust
So Already had some nice bits on it.

Second photo is what I had put on based on numerous inputs: LDH, Dan Kyle, EDR.

I could have built my old bike out of all the parts replaced.

It is a fairly insane parts list. Quite lovely, very balanced, nuts fast.

It was nice to get the feel for all the different parts added as I went along.

I need to go out for a ride with some friends here in Portland, Oregon!!!



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