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Polishing anodized aluminum....

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Tried looking in the archives, but did not find anything.

First, what is the easiest way to get rid of anodized aluminum...I heard someone mention oven cleaner or do I just sand.

Second, what size wheel should I use and dose it matter on the speed of the wheel.

Third, what is the color pattern. I know there are four different colors...black, brown, white and ruge. I know that ruge is last, but what of the others??

Thanks in advance.

p.s.....I plan on sanding by 200/300/400 dry and 600/800 wet
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you could just get it stripped chemically by an anodising company. have to be less effort. otherwise polish thru it. dunno about the colours.
Re: (brad black)

You can also get the ball rolling by using a wheel cleaner (MeGuiar's, for example) that is NOT recommended for painted/finished wheels; I think the one I used was "Mag" cleaner. It will eat away at the anodised finished, as it's an acid. Just keep the part "hosed down" for several minutes thru reapplication.

Then you can break out the dremel and a buffing/polishing wheel and a polishing compound. You can also use Never Dull. My results were very good; smooth and shiny...in this case a gold anodised clutch master cylinder that came out bright silver and highly reflective.
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Re: Polishing anodized aluminum.... (jmmmrm)

Sand/polish through it. Doing it this way, you'll have a good reference to keep from having a wavy appearance.
Re: Polishing anodized aluminum.... (SP3)


look for "anodizer remover". works very well. once container will do MANY batches.
Re: Polishing anodized aluminum.... (s4strati)

Easy Off works fine. Start with corse and move to the fine grade compounds. All manufacturers of metal polishing compounds use different colors. I use an 8 inch wheel. It helps to wet sand the piece after you strip it with 800 and 1200 or a more agressive paper if there are scratches to be removed. Caustic soda is the professional remover. It is lie (sp). It will turn black, wash in warm water and use a scotch brite pad to scrub, then reapply the easy off.

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