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Police say motorcyclist shot after confronting driver about being cut off - Friday, Nov. 12, 2010 | 7:42 p.m. - Las Vegas Sun

Police say motorcyclist shot after confronting driver about being cut off

By Rich Coleman Friday, Nov. 12, 2010 | 7:42 p.m.

Henderson Police are questioning a man who reported shooting a motorcyclist who confronted him about being cut off in traffic, authorities said.

The motorcyclist, a 54-year-old Las Vegas man, was transported to Sunrise Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, police said.

Police said the motorcyclist was riding on Windmill Parkway about 5 p.m. when a car cut him off. When he confronted the motorist, police said, the driver of the car pulled out a handgun and shot the motorcyclist.

The 57-year-old man drove to his home in Las Vegas and called police to inform them what he had done, police said.

Henderson Police then took him into custody for questioning, police said.

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Sounds like the cager lives by the same rule as me, If you find yourself in a "fair" fight, you've BADLY miscalculated! :cool:

Semper Fi! :rockon


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What does being "cut off" mean? Why does it make people so angry?

To me, it means that I had to adjust my speed or lane position to keep myself safe. Uh, hello... When I commute, I am always adjusting my speed and lane position to keep myself safe.

In my opinion, so many other drivers are constantly doing strange things that require adjustments from other drivers, that I can't get upset about it. Even if a guy squeezes in to my lane intentionally, I think - what's the point of being irate? I didn't get hit, everything's fine now, this guy is a bozo, I'll give him more space.

I have lost my temper with other drivers - when they did something threatening or dangerous on purpose with malice... and I regretted it later. So much better to just stay the hell away from bad drivers and nut jobs. Give them their space, and don't give them the benefit of getting a rise out of you when they pull stupid crap on purpose.

I resign myself to the thought that there's no way I can make anyone else a better driver, or shame them into controlling their temper - but I can keep myself safe, and that's all that really matters.
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