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Just eat some donuts!

Every rider/bike combo is different. All of the advice about which shock spring to run is just a starting point. You have to do a little tuning to find what is right for you. It's kind of like starting with the base settings for a jet kit (remember those?). That shock is most likely too stiff for you, but it may not be. Install it and get your sag numbers and if you don't have enough adjustability to get good numbers, then start looking into softer springs. At least with the penske, you shouldn't need a spring compressor to swap springs.

It is much better to have a stiffer spring with almost no preload on it than it is to have a softer spring with a bunch of preload on it. The stiffer spring will work better because (as far as I know) penske uses rising rate springs like everyone else and not linear springs. If you have a softer spring with a ton of preload, it is going to get stiffer sooner in the travel than the stiffer spring.

I am going through the same situation right now, but mine happened because I put on a little weight after I had what was supposed to be the proper spring installed. Now I'm debating between putting the heavier spring on or taking my fat ass to the gym.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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