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As some of you have seen, I am getting a new STM clutch slave from FlatOut. I had seen a different looking one on eBay. It had the line fitting on the end instead of on top. The part number on the eBay piece started with 059 and the one I'm getting starts with 049. BTW the one on eBay went for $164 and the one I am getting from Slava is attractively priced.
I emailed STM and this is what I got back:

Hi Philip,

actually we produce the 049 Ducati clutch slave cylinder only. The other model is out of production.

The reason is simple: the 059 didn’t work well because it had some problem with the position of the oil tubes that didn’t permit the correct oil passage.

The 049 slave cylinder works very well: at the moment we haven’t received any complaint from the costumers.

You can choose between two different diameters for the 049: 28mm and 30mm. If I can give you an advice, I’d choose the 30mm diameter because, firstly, the price is the same for both models but with a larger diameter, the pressure being the same, you have to apply a minor force to the clutch lever.

If you have other doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

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Re: Pays to do a little research (scottwilliams)

I bought mine from Flatout Motorcycles in Indianapolis. Go to their web site it's Flatoutmotorcycles.com they also list phone numbers, if you call ask for Slava. Tell him Phil 998 sent. I can't wait for my spiff for this from Slava.

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Re: Pays to do a little research (Phil 998)

Thanks, phil :) we do infact have those slaves in stock and just give me a buzz i'll be in the office tomorrow and will throw you a great deal.
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